“You can’t sit with us.” The cheeky, pretty art of Cat Coquilette.

Our latest artist, Cat Coquilette is from Kansas City, USA. Cat is as interesting as her artwork so for once, we’re going to break format and just let you read Cat’s answers to our questions or maybe even skip that and just look at her amazing artwork.


Cat describes her personal style:

“My artwork incorporates bright pops of colour, hand-lettering, clean brushwork and a broad variety of motifs. I have an affinity for painting animals, foliage and intricate patterns. My preferred mediums are watercolour, ink, gouache and digital.”

You can see her Cat’s love for wildlife, foliage and intricate patterns in her artworks Peacock Pink Feather and Pink Ombre FanCoral.



Cat talks about the inspirations behind her designs

“One of my favourite ways to get recharged creatively is through traveling.
I can point to different paintings and tell you what trip inspired each. I spent the beginning of 2016 backpacking throughout Southeast Asia and am still working on painting my inspirations from the trip. I started on tropical motifs after a trip to Key West and my collection of tropical paintings really blew up after a few weeks in Hawaii. I enjoy immersing myself in the natural world, so my artwork is typically more nature-inspired than anything else.”


How does Cat create her artwork?

“I paint in traditional media like watercolour, ink & gouache and I illustrate digitally too. I primarily use Adobe Illustrator for my digital illustrations. I have a Wacom tablet, which helps me draw more naturally on-screen. I also use Adobe Photoshop to enhance my traditional-media paintings. I scan them in, clean them up a bit and tweak the colours to exactly how I want them.”


Cat’s favourite things to do when she isn’t creating art…

“I’m addicted to my Kindle. In January, I always browse Goodreads’ Top 100 of the year and download as many books as I can get through.
I enjoy podcasts too, they’re always playing in the background while I’m doing any mundane task like laundry or driving. My favourites are Radiolab, Stuff You Should Know, TED Radio Hour, The Moth, Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History, This American Life, Lore and Creative Pep Talk.”


Cat talks about her academic background, what she studied and where she worked.

“I’ve always gravitated towards the arts, so I began pursuing a BFA in illustration at The University of Kansas. Our assignments gave us a well-rounded foundation in design; we learned web, interactive, motion graphics, animation, branding, illustration, typography, campaigns and publication design
I snagged an internship with Willoughby, an award-winning branding firm in the city, during my senior year, followed by a job offer. I was ecstatic! I worked as a designer at Willoughby for four years and loved every minute of it. The founder, Ann Willoughby, is an incredible mentor to me.
Eventually, it was time for me to take the leap to entrepreneurship. I’ve been building the CatCoq brand ever since.“

Cat talks about her city and describes why she loves it so much:

“I live and work in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. The city has a killer art and design community. I’m part of a network of design, illustration and advertising creatives throughout the city. We meet for happy hours, design events and I always seem to run into someone I know when working from a local coffee shop. I live across the street from the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, so it’s a great place to take a break and get creatively recharged.”


Surprisingly, not only does Cat plan to visit India but she already has a pretty detailed itinerary…

“I would absolutely love to visit India and am hoping to make it there within the next couple years. I even have a rough itinerary planned for when I travel: I want to visit Delhi and see the old city, the Red Fort and Jama Masjid. Obviously, I can’t miss the Taj Mahal in Agra either. There’s a camel trek outside of Jaisalmer that I’m interested in as well. I’m considering a road trip from Jaipur all the way to Jaisalmer and stopping in Jodhpur along the way. I’ve seen so many pictures of the Blue City and I’d love to see it in person as well. I love hiking and the Satpura National Park inspired “The Jungle Book”, so I’d need to make it down to Mumbai at some point as well. If anyone has any recommendations, I’d love to hear them!”


Now that you’re practically on first name basis with Cat, head on to her artist page at DailyObjects to see her gorgeous artwork that looks even better on our Clear Cases for iPhones, Nexus phones and OnePlus phones.

You can also follow Cat on Instagram to see more of her latest artwork & photographs from her travels and you can even give her travel tips!