Why should you choose straps for your Apple Watch from DailyObjects?

What is an Apple Watch?

Apple had come up with their series of watches in 2015. Once launched, the Apple Watch had been the most talked about product of the brand. Unlike any regular watch, Apple watch could let you know more than just the time. It had built-in features like measuring the heart rate, ambient light sensor, speaker and a microphone. A lot of brands were quick to get on this wagon and launch a collection with Apple. Of course, the changes they could make were on Apple Watch straps and the body. Apple kept launching a new series every year and there’s no doubt their watching became one of the hot sellers; just like all their other products. Every year, a feature was added in the series that made people want to get their hands on it as soon as possible. We, at DailyObjects realized the importance of these gadgets in the market and decided, that even your watch needs a personal touch to it, and so we have come up with different styles of Apple Watch straps that are easy to wear and easier to change.

Change the look of your Apple Watch

We made sure that our styles suit everybody’s taste, and so we launched six different types of Apple Watch Straps, that are all made of a different material, either for your everyday wear, or for specific occasions. For people who like it a little colourful and simple, we have seven different shades of Silicon Straps for you to choose from. Its casual, and sweat resistant material makes it a perfect wear throughout the year.

DailyObjects Red Silicon Strap

If you like to keep it classy and luxurious, we have leather Apple Watch straps in five different shades. It’s not a basic leather strap, it is classic.

DailyObjects Brown Leather Apple Watch Strap

But if you’re looking to add a little fun to classic, you could choose from our leather loop that come in four different shades to give your classic look a slight twist.

DailyObjects Blue Leather Loop Strap

Our magnetic Milanese Loop Strap are created to add elegance and exclusivity to your wrist. Available in six different shades, these straps will neither lose their stylish touch, nor their metallic look, making it the best pick for a daily wear.

Rose Gold Milanese Strap

For the ones who love their work-out hours, our Nylon watch strap is made keeping your passion in mind. Built with sweat absorbing high-quality nylon material, this strap will never hinder with your session. And don’t worry about your wrist looking less colourful; these straps come in five different shades, from a basic black, to a colourful red, blue and green. We believe that while you do what you love to do, you do it in style.

DailyObjects Nylon Apple Watch Strap

Why should you buy from DailyObjects?

Apple watches might have been in the market, but Apple Watch Straps have recently been launched in India by DailyObjects. You don’t have to stick to the straps already attached to your Apple Watch, you now a wide range of options to choose your favourites from. Whether you pick the casual silicon strap, or a nylon watch strap for your daily wear, DailyObjects will make sure you never have to compromise on style, comfort and quality of our products. We brought Apple Watch Straps India because we don’t want you to settle for a style that isn’t you. We want you to choose your own style and set your own trends when you’re out showing off your accessories. DailyObjects has something to cater to everyone’s needs and fashion choices and we make sure that you don’t regret making that choice.