Why is the new flagship phone from Apple called the iPhone X?

Because the iPhone 7 8 9. Get it? The seven ate nine? No? Okay, we promise no more terrible pun jokes.

Let’s pretend that never happened and move on.

Apple launched three new phones this week, the iPhone, 8 the iPhone 8 Plus and the much hyped new iPhone X. The entire keynote surprised exactly no one, since this year there weren’t just leaks about the new iPhones, there was a flood. We’ve known exactly what the new iPhones will look like, how much they will cost and even the fact the the new iPhone X probably won’t have TouchID, for months now.

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In terms of which iPhone we’re most excited about, we can’t say, really. The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are nice enough but aren’t huge upgrades to the previous generation and if Apple weren’t trying to spin them so hard, they’d just be honest and call them the iPhone 7S and the 7S Plus because thats what they are. They look exactly the same, so our thousands of iPhone 7 Cases and iPhone 7 Plus Cases are perfectly compatible with the iPhone 8 and the 8 Plus respectively.


Oh, all the new iPhones unveiled today support wireless charging and all our cases are fully compatible. You can charge your iPhone 8 or iPhone X in its DailyObjects case, so don’t even worry about it!

When it comes to the new iPhone X, we’re a little more intrigued. This is the first time in years now, that we’ve gotten a new looking iPhone, which is really cool. We’re excited about the amazing looking display but some of the sacrifices that Apple has made to achieve that bezel-free design reek too much of typical first-generation Apple compromises. The removal of the iconic home button and its replacement with just swipes and taps removes one of the biggest safety nets of the iPhone; no matter where you were in iOS, you could press the home button and return to your home screen.

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But, that’s a minor problem when compared to the omission of Touch ID. We’ve grown used to how well fingerprint sensors work on smartphones in general and iPhones in particular and the switch to an as yet unproven technology like Face ID gives us pause. Sure, Apple normally executes features like this much better than anyone else. Fingerprint sensors had been around of many years before Apple finally made them mainstream with the iPhone 5S and perhaps the same thing will happen with FaceID but the keynote didn’t inspire confidence.


Less than a minute after Apple touted that Face Unlock failed less than once in a million uses, Face Unlock failed on the very first try when Craig Federighi attempted to demo the feature. Oh dear…

Embarrassing for sure but we’re going to hold off on judgment until we can test out the feature on the iPhone X for ourselves. Apple has announced pricing for the new iPhones in India already and it’s about what we were expecting. No idea of when the new iPhones will actually be available but hey, our cases are ready and waiting, as are our wallets!

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