Why custom cases?

DailyObjects offers more than 5000 absolutely gorgeous, interesting designs. We look for great artists from all around the world and discover and bring to you artworks that are conversation starters, reflections of who you are and much, much more. We add hundreds of new designs each month, so by the time you read this, the number at the start of this post is probably, definitely out of date.

Why then, do we also offer custom cases? Because sometimes, no matter how great someone else’s art is, it is someone else’s. When some people want to personalise their phones with a case, they want to make that case truly personal and we totally get that. Which is why we offer a whole range of beautiful templates for people to add their own photographs to, so that they can create something completely unique; a case that no one else has and that means more to them than it would to anyone else. You can even choose not to go with one of our templates and start with just a completely blank canvas to create whatever you want. It’s your case, after all!

DailyObjects customers have come up with some incredibly original, cool, beautiful and heartwarming cases for themselves and here are just a few that they have shared with us.


@divsigupta made herself this awesome case using photographs she took on her travels. Not only do we think her case is a great way to remind herself of all the cool places she’s been to, we also love the photograph of the case itself, with the camera, the lens and the copies of her photographs, all laid out on the table. We do want to know however, what ‘sam dunes’ are 😉


There’s no chance that @cutiepayal will ever get her phone mixed up with anyone else’s; she’s got her face on it! We don’t usually approve of #duckface but a girl in glasses is enough for us to overcome our misgivings!


What better way to show the world what you really care about than with a custom case design that you made yourself? You can see that @vikramshreedharan has put a lot of work into this very detailed case which features a ton of iconic black and white images and memorable quotes. Can you guess what his passion is?
It’s films.


Custom cases make some of the most personal and touching gifts and this case that @sandiipsikcand gifted @ananticasahir is the perfect example. It has Anantica’s family vacation photos on it and we can only imagine how thrilled she must have been to receive it. How absolutely adorable is that kid, by the way?


@kranthikumar_thaduka shows off how creative you can get with our custom case templates. By adding his own text and some great photographs of himself, he wound up with something that looks every bit as professional as a designer case, if not better!


Another favourite of ours that shows how @sweetoomimi used our template to make herself a pretty, one-of-a-kind case that we’re sure will be a conversation starter everywhere she takes it. And not just because of her great photograph on it!


We could’ve sworn it was MS Dhoni! That’s probably the reason why @kartikbht chose to put this particular photo on his cool custom case.

Take 1 boss looking dude, add 1 sweet bike, take 1 black & white photo to make 1 extremely cool custom case: Simple enough!

These are just a handful of the literally hundreds of cool cases that people have sent us. If you’d like to show off your custom case to the world, please use #dailyobjects and tag us in it so we can share and repost it. We love seeing your photographs and learning the stories behind them!