What Is The Buzz Around Apple’s Upcoming Launch?

It’s September already and the market has already started buzzing about the new Apple launch. Every year, like clockwork, the internet is flooded with rumours about the next Apple event. The only thing people are asking each other is, “do you think this one will be bigger than X?”, “what new features are they going to come up with?”. These are just some of the many things we hear people ask. But why exactly is September such a big deal for everyone? Well, September comes with the biggest event of the year for the entire world. People from all over sit watching the event live and wait for the new launches. The biggest, of course, remains the iPhone. With a rapid increase in the smartphone market, people have started expecting more and more features with every release. Not that the companies aren’t able to comply with the demands. In 2019, the biggest shout is for the iPhone 11. People have already started guessing what the new model will have in store for them and some have started planning their next phone. A little research here and there gives them an idea of what the new iPhone 11 will look like. Once they are sure this is what they’re buying, the search for the best iPhone 11 cases begins for them; you’re not going to keep your brand-new phone without a cover, are you?

This year, a new design has been making rounds in the market. Rumour has it that Apple is completely changing the way the camera’s in the phone will be set. From horizontal placement in earlier models, to vertical dual camera last year, Apple is now coming up with a square fitting for the triple camera. How true this is, we’ll find out soon enough. Apart from this visual change, chances are there are many technology upgrades too. For starters, people really believe the face recognition of the new iPhone 11 is going to get better along with an enhanced camera. Apart from this, some say the silent button on the iPhone might be getting an upgrade too! Instead of going back and forth, the new button will go up and down.

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Even after all these upgrades in the iPhone 11, we’re still missing the touch ID and rumour has it that we’ll be disappointed. Apple isn’t planning on bringing the touch ID back, but at least they’re upgrading the face ID.

 After all these talks and discussions around iPhone 11, phone accessory market is definitely rejoicing! With such a high demand of these new phones, the demand for iPhone 11 cases will reach the moon! And we know someone who’s all ready with the latest iPhone 11 cases collection!