We’ve got cases for the Google Pixel!

We’re super excited that Google has finally done what many Android enthusiasts have been asking for, for years now and released a flagship level Google phone. We’re also happy to announce that we’ve made our entire range for Designer Slim Cases available for the Google Pixel but first, a little context to explain why the Pixel is such a big deal.


While Nexus phones have been around for many years now, they’ve always been basically rebranded manufacturer phones running a pure, un-skinned version of Android. The limited popularity of these Nexus devices has been due to many reasons. First, each Nexus phone has always involved compromises. They’ve had poor build quality sometimes and middling to poor cameras almost across the board. Secondly they had limited availability and promotion.

With the Pixel, we’ve got a phone designed by Google itself, which has almost no compromises hardware-wise and with specifications that match or beat almost every other flagship on the market, even the much vaunted new iPhone 7. The two iPhone 7 features that the Pixel phones don’t have is optical image stabilisation and waterproofing. However, even wth the lack of OIS, the Pixel cameras have been praised by reviewers as being as good as if not better than the iPhone 7 imaging systems. Water-proofing, while a nice feature to have, is not a deciding factor while buying a phone, no matter how much Apple tries to tell you it is.


Which brings us to our only real complaint with the Pixel phones. They look a bit boring. Sure, they are incredibly well-built but the design is a bit anonymous and some of the design elements are a bit odd. Think about that huge featureless chin that doesn’t even have a fingerprint sensor and the glass panel on the back of the phone. We thought we’d at least get the pretty blue Pixel to stand out from the crowd but when we went online to buy the Pixel on the Play store, we realised that the Very Blue shade is a limited edition that Google is selling in the US only. Customers in India will have to settle for a white or black Pixel. Luckily, we’ve got the answer, over five thousand of them, in fact, in the form of designer cases for the Pixel. We’re also introducing Google Pixel custom cases for people who want something truly unique for their Pixel phone.

As with all our cases, every custom Pixel case and designer case as well, comes with our lifetime guarantee on the design. If a DailyObjects case ever peels, fades or scratches, we replace it free of charge, no questions asked.


So go ahead and browse India’s largest range of Google Pixel cases and find one that’s perfect for you!