We’re making gorgeous designer MacBook Sleeves!

We’ve got big news! Okay, we sort of gave it away with the title but we’re really excited and we couldn’t keep it to ourselves. Unlike probably any other online store you’ve seen, DailyObjects has only sold customisable and designer smartphone cases and we were really proud of them (we still are). We did one thing and we did it right (if we say so ourselves 😉 Customers love our cases and we are constantly expanding our collection of thousands of exclusive pieces of artwork.

Finding great artists from around the world and sourcing artwork that we think our customers will love is a full time job and while we are at it, we’ve often looked at art we think will look great if it had a little larger canvas.


We’ve also been really disappointed with the selection of MacBook sleeves that were available in India. They were like the smartphone cases we saw when we started Dailyobjects; functional but boring and ugly or interesting looking but poorly made.

Thats’s when we decided we could do so much better and started working on a brand new DailyObject, premium designer MacBook Sleeves.

To start with, we searched for materials that would be good looking as well as durable. After a lot of research as well as feedback from our DailyObjects fans, we decided to go with rich, natural leather. No other material we could find is quite as luxurious as leather. It looks, feels and even smells lovely and unlike any other material, it actually gets better as it ages. While other materials wear out, leather wears in and quite beautifully too. We’ve gone with 100% natural leather that is dry milled to achieve a gorgeous, smooth texture. If you’ve got one of our sleeves, we’ll sure you agree.


While we spent a lot of time deciding which material to go with for the outside of our MacBook sleeves, for the lining there was only one choice. We knew we wanted suede so that’s what we’ve used. A seamless, soft suede lining on our laptop sleeves, protects your MacBook from scratches and gently polishes the aluminium unibody every time you put your notebook in a DailyObjects luxury sleeve.

We also searched long and hard for a material to showcase our huge designer collection on and our search ended with Hahnemühle. This German company has been making artisanal paper for over 400 years and their artisanal Monet Canvas is the industry standard worldwide for the highest quality digital art reproduction.


For our MacBook sleeves, we use the latest Epson UltraChrome® HDR ink technology on Monet canvas. Then we cover the canvas with a Hahnemühle finishing varnish that seals the canvas and makes the design resistant to water and fungus. We are so confident about this process that we offer a lifetime guarantee our designs. If the design on your designer MacBook sleeve ever fades or runs, DailyObjects will replace the product. The varnish used on our designs also means that they can be wiped clean with a slightly damp cloth.

We hand-stitch the soft suede, the natural leather and the artisanal Monet canvas together to make the most luxurious MacBook sleeve possible. Our MacBook sleeves are available for the MacBook Air 11”, MacBook Air 13”, MacBook Pro 13” & the MacBook Pro 15”. Dailyobjects designer sleeves are available in two versions.


The envelope style MacBook sleeve uses a flap top that is secured with a single magnetic button. This sleeve is easy to open and close with one hand and makes usage a snap.


The zippered sleeve provides more secure closure, in the form of a high quality YKK zipper that opens along two sides of the case.

No matter which style you choose, or which of over 500 exclusive designs you choose, we’re sure you will absolutely love our new MacBook Sleeves. Check them out at http://www.dailyobjects.com/laptop-accessories.

If you are one of the lucky few early customers that have already gotten your DailyObjects designer MacBook Sleeve, we’re eager to know what you think of it and we’d be thrilled if you tagged your photos of it with #MacBookLove on social media. We’re so excited to see our latest DailyObject being used and loved by the people we created it for!