We’re launching Classic Cases for iPhone!

If you’ve always thought DailyObjects designer cases are cool but you want something a bit more subtle, you’re going to love the news we have! We’re launching an all-new line of cases specially for Apple’s iPhones, that are going to be exactly what you’ve always wanted!

First up lets start with the Air Thin Case! This one has to be our favourite of all the cases we’re launching because it is the perfect distillation of what we’re trying to achieve with this product line. If all the other cases in this post are minimal, then the Air Thin Case is minimally minimal (say that really fast, five times!) If you’re the kind of person that loves to use your iPhone sans case, or nekkid but you know you really should be using a case for your phone, the Air Thin Case is for you!

Air Thin Case

The Air Thin case weighs about a gram and is about .36 mm thick. That’s right, ONE gram and much less than half a millimetre thick. Even with these anorexic proportions, the Air Thin Case is a full coverage case. It provides protection to all sides of your iPhone, including the display, with a raised lip that allows you to place your iPhone face down without scratching up the screen.

Putting your iPhone down will also let you marvel at the incredible finish of the Air Thin Case. Look at that gorgeous matte finish! Feel it in your hands! Run your fingertips over the micron-precise cutouts on the case. We’ve matched the iPhone’s speaker holes so perfectly that you’re going to have people asking if you have a case on! You’re going to have to think for a moment too, because you’ll forget you’re using the Air Thin Case. That’s our goal with the Air Thin Case; it’s the least amount of case that you can call a case!

Next up is the Smoked Silicone Case. If you don’t like the look of crystal cases but you don’t want to hide your iPhone away completely, the Smoked Silicone Case provides a happy medium. It’s got a low profile design with precision cutouts for all speaker ports and buttons, so that it protects your iPhone but gets out of your way. There are many reasons why we wanted to make a Smoked Silicone Case but the most important one is that it looks way cool!

Smoked Silicone Case

The Black Matte Case is for people for are Apple fanbois and aren’t afraid to show it! Want to make a big deal of the fact you have an iPhone? Want to represent? Get a DailyObjects Black Matte Case and show the world you’re on team iPhone! The perfectly positioned round cutout frames your iPhone’s Apple logo and draws attention to it, while also letting the phone’s colour show through and provide a contrast that is quite striking. That isn’t all that the Black Matte Case has going for it though. The soft touch finish looks great, feels lovely in your hand and it’s also resistant to fingerprints, to help keep your case looking smudge-free.

Black Matte Case

Last of all is our Crystal Bumper Case. We already offer Designer Clear Cases in two versions, a hard polycarbonate case and a soft silicone case. But what if you want your Designer Case sans the design, plus with a little added protection? We have gotten literally dozens of requests for a DailyObjects like this. Dozens!

Crystal Bumper Case

So, today we give you, the Crystal Bumper Case. It combines two pieces. A flexible clear shell that shows off the back of your iPhone. Plus, a hard polycarbonate bumper that wraps around the phone protecting the edges from bumps and drops. The bumper also gives your iPhone display extra protection and makes sure you’ll have a very hard time cracking your screen. Unlike a lot of clear cases that end up scratching your iPhone’s body, our Crystal Bumper Case has a tiny pattern of raised dots on the inside that cradle your phone, add a little extra shock protection and keep your iPhone scratch free! How smart are we, right?

So, if you love DailyObjects cases but have always thought that designer cases aren’t for you, have a look at our new Classic line-up and we’re sure you’ll find an iPhone case that is perfect for you!