We Know What Your Sibling Wants For Rakshabandhan

Every year, like a vicious cycle you reach this point when you need to figure what to gift your brother or sister on Rakshabandhan. It’s a task asking around and looking around for a hint or a cue that’ll help you figure out what your sibling would like. Well, here’s your cue. We’ve come up with four different options for you to choose the perfect gift for your sibling.

The Box of Happiness

DailyObjects Box of Happiness

Celebrate the beautiful bond you share with your sibling by adding a bit of daily happiness to their lives. See them light up as they unravel this box that has all accessories they’d love to use. Who doesn’t need more storage space for themselves?

The Box of Pure Bonding

DailyObjects Box of Pure Bonding

Bright, classy, and pure – if that’s your sibling, then you know this is the perfect gift for them. A box of designer goodies is something they’ll definitely love to flaunt to their friends. It’s a plus if they love travelling, because they’ll definitely find everything they need.

The Box of Cheerful Love

DailyObjects Box of Love

We’ve heard everyone say that siblings show their love in a very different way than the rest of the world. Well, this could be that really different and shiny way to show your love and celebrate the beautiful bond. Your sister will love this box of metallic essentials. Brownie points for you if her favourite colour is Rose Gold.

The Box of Warmth

DailyObjects Box of Warmth

If your sibling isn’t much of an accessories person, this is the perfect box for them. It has all things that are useful in their everyday life without the added touch of design and colour. It’s simple and it’s classic, like everything else they’ll love.

We’re pretty sure you won’t be as confused as you were for your siblings’ Rakhi gift. Hey, you can also just send them the link and ask them to buy it for you. It’s a win-win for both of you.