TV & Tetris: The pop culture inspired art of Joe Van Wetering.

Our latest new artist is Joe Van Wetering from Chicago in the United States. Fittingly enough Joe’s art is inspired by pop culture and nature; since he’s from the country that gives the world its pop culture references. Joe says he likes to explore the continuously developing relationship between colour and space, creating abstract visions of everyday life through his artwork.


Joe counts Tetris and television amongst his most favourite things. Where there is a lot of TV viewing, there is of course, pizza, which rounds out the top three favourites in Joe’s world. You can see the influence of television and films in Joe’s artwork like the Star Wars inspired Tatooine.


Though he is from Chicago, Joe moved to San Diego in California a couple of years back and says he loves every minute of it. ‘The weather is perfect all year ‘round.’ which is a huge plus in his books.

Joe studied Graphic Design at Columbia College in Chicago and in the past he has worked for brands like Treadless and Trunk Club. Joe currently works for custom themed board game maker USAopoly.


Joe’s work is also full of pop culture references from the internet. Everything the web loves, from cats to corgis, features in his art.


Joe says he starts all of his art as a pencil and paper sketch then goes into Adobe Illustrator for vector line work and colours and then Photoshop afterwards, for textures. His vivid reimagining of everyday life results in some spectacular landscapes in his artwork, with dreamlike colours that are absolutely gorgeous!


To see more of Joe Van Wetering’s vivid, colourful art, go to his artist page at DailyObjects at