Top Laptop Sleeves in 2019 From DailyObjects

We’re living in an age where Personal Computers are out-dated and laptops and tablets have taken over. It’s not because they’re cheaper, but because they’re more compact and easy to carry with the same features as a Personal Computer. Laptops come in sizes as small as an 11 inch screen to big, 17 inch screens, while tablets are as small as 8 inches, yet have the same benefits as a computer, if not more. But, just like we protected our desktops with a cloth, we need to protect our laptops and tablets with a sleeve so they’re safe from scratches and other damage. The best way to do that is by buying a laptop sleeve online that will easily fit your gadget. After all, you’re spending so much money on technology, you don’t want to damage it in just a few months. The good part about laptop sleeves is that they come in all sizes and types. If you like sleeves that close with a zip, you’ve got it. Whether it’s a designer laptop sleeve or a bigger messenger bag, you know your gadget it safe and it’s easier for you to carry around. We’ve curated a list of top five laptop sleeves that you can choose from this year.

Gravity Ballistic Nylon Laptop Sleeve

This sleeve is made out of nylon material that resists water and can protect your laptop from light rain too. Gone are the days when you run to find a plastic bag to keep your gadgets safe from a downpour. The design on this sleeve is minimal, so it doesn’t look too basic. This sleeve is available in two different sizes; 13-inch and 15-inch, so it perfectly fits any laptop.

DailyObjects Gravity Laptop Sleeve

Natural Cream and Black Envelope Sleeve for Macbook

This neutral shade sleeve is perfect to slide in your laptop and close with a button. These sleeves are lined with poly-cotton to keep your laptop scratch-free. If you’re looking to buy laptop sleeves online, this is one of the top choices to choose from.

Natural Cream and Black Laptop Sleeve

Dark Gray Swiss Dots City Compact Messenger Bag

Sometimes you don’t want to carry your laptops or Macbook in your hand. Your next option? Keep them secure in a messenger bag. These bags come with a comfortable shoulder strap that makes it easier to carry around without the fear of dropping your laptop anytime. The design is simple that’s perfect for when you’re headed to work or college. The toned-down colour doesn’t seem too bright or in-your-face.

Gray DailyObjects Messenger Bag

Pass This On City Compact Messenger Bag

This is another design for someone who’s looking for something a little more bright. A colourful, yet classy print that will definitely make heads turn, maybe even twice, when you’re out on the street. This laptop sleeve online is made out of high-quality, durable PU leather and comes with a removable shoulder strap, just in case you don’t want the extra strap. It has a separate pocket for your laptop that’s lined with polyester to protect it from scratches and damage.

Pass This On City Compact Messenger Bag

Vintage Black Stripes Ambassador Messenger Bag

Another classic look is the Ambassador Bag. These bags are made out of canvas with leather handles to add to the sophistication. This bag can easily carry your laptop along with a few essential office stationery that you might need in a meeting. The shape of this bag is premium and will definitely add to your style when you carry it around with you.

Vintage Stripes Ambassador Bag

So here you go with our list of top five laptop sleeves that you need. They’re protective, they’re fashionable and they’re affordable – everything you need to buy laptop sleeves online India.