This Is The Next Accessory You Want To Own

All your latest tech gadgets are becoming smaller and trendier. The most popular accessory today are the Apple Airpods. With their second series in the market, every Apple user wants to own a pair. Of course, these Airpods aren’t that easy to carry around. Their little white box is the only protection you have for this phone accessory, and it doesn’t help that these don’t come attached to the wire. That’s what all the buzz had been about; new in the market, earphones that don’t need a wire. Apart from being a new fashion trend, the market had been hustling with people talking about how difficult it will be to make sure you don’t lose one of the pieces. Yes, you’ve got a safety box to not lose the earpods, but what is keeping the only box that has the power to charge your Aipords safe?

DailyObjects Black Leather AirPods Case Cover

The best way to protect this little gadget of yours is to protect the case it comes in, exactly how you protect your phones with cases. Here’s where we come in the picture. DailyObjects wants you to cover your Airpods with a touch of colour and class, and so, we came up with two different kinds of Airpods Cases for you to choose from. A soft, slim, and simple silicone case in six bright colours that will protect your Airpods from damage and scratches. The latest neon collection is something you need to own. The bright colours and soft touch of it makes it the perfect accessory to carry around.

             DailyObjects Neon Fire Case Cover   DailyObjects White AirPods Case

Another type of case is our leather case that comes in three different colour. A basic black, a classic tan and a red for some twist. Like the silicone cases, the leather cases are slim, and protect your Airpods from all kinds of damage.

DailyObjects Leather Cases

Both the cases come with a buckle attachment so you can easily attach it while you’re on-the-go.

DailyObjects Leather Buckle AirPods Case

In the end, all we can say is even if the gadgets get smaller in size, there’s always going to be something that will beautify, as well as keep those accessories safe.