The New iPhone SE: We have So Many Questions (And Cases)!

The rumour mills have been churning for quite a few months now and as India’s largest seller of smartphone cases and as iPhone users, we’ve been watching with a keen interest. We’ve got to be honest and admit that we were unsure of what to make of the stories we were hearing.

A new iPhone that packed the power of the iPhone 6 into the iPhone 5’s body? We couldn’t see why that would exist and more so, why anyone would even want one. But then, we were similarly flummoxed by the iPhone 5c’s release and that phone seems to have gone on to sell pretty well. It may not have been the blockbuster product that we have come to expect from Apple but sales in the millions are nothing to scoff at, no matter how you look at it.

While the iPhone 5c was meant to be a low cost phone for younger consumers, with its cringe inspiring ‘unapologetically plastic’ marketing tag line and bright colour palette, the new iPhone SE is a whole ‘nother kettle of fish.

Before we get to all our reservations and questions about the latest from Cupertino however, let us just make it absolutely clear that none of this has stopped us from being first to market with India’s largest collection of designer and customisable cases for the iPhone SE. We’ve designed an incredibly thin, perfectly shaped case that was custom made for the new SE. DailyObjects’ designer iPhone SE cases will snap on easily, fit perfectly and protect your phone securely while giving it a touch of colour and style.

So, back to the questions about the iPhone SE. Apple has said that this phone is targeted mainly at the Chinese and Indian markets. Do they realise that they’re making a smaller phone for markets that seem to LOVE huge phones? In 2016, even entry level Android phones are boasting 5” or even larger screens and Apple is going to try to sell Indians an incredibly expensive device with a 4” screen?


Speaking of the price of the SE, we aren’t too keen on that too. For the money you can get a lot of really much more compelling hardware on the Android side of the smartphone market. SE must stand for Still Expensive 😉

However, hidden in both these reasons is the caveat that will ensure the iPhone SE actually sells quite well, whether in India, China or any other market. That reason is that while there are a lot of compelling alternatives on the Android side of the playground, if you want an iOS based smartphone that is either small or (relatively) cheap, the iPhone SE is pretty much the best choice you can make in 2016. So, Apple fanbois and fangirls, get yourself an iPhone SE and check out our amazing selection of iPhone SE cases at DailyObjects!