The Beautiful, Dark Art of NiceBleed

Some of the most intriguing artwork that we have featured on our designer cases at, comes from NiceBleed.

This visually stunning and often thematically disturbing or even bizarre artwork comes from the fevered imaginings of the Minoza brothers. Based out of Cebu, near Manila, the capital of the Philippines, Francis and Laurence Minoza own and run the NiceBleed studio, churning out digital and mixed media art in their definitive style that is best described as pop surrealism.

EINSTEIN - NiceBleed Dailyobjects

Francis and Laurence have been creating artwork under the NiceBleed banner since 2008 but in 2011 they finally gave up their jobs and decided to concentrate on and make a living from their art full-time. Their two favourite sources of inspiration are nature and their cats, both of which feature as recurrent themes in their designer cases. In fact, our favourite NiceBleed designs, the Cat Vader case and the Cat Slurp case, both feature their favourite furry felines!

We first found NiceBleed’s artwork last year and we were so amazed with it that we immediately got in touch with Francis and Laurence and asked them if they would like to feature on

Today NiceBleed’s designer cases are amongst our most popular products and the Minoza brothers are thrilled that their artwork is so well received by Indians. They also hope to visit India and see the country for themselves.

If you love NiceBleed’s art you can follow them on Facebook & Twitter, check out their Tumblr at or see our collection of NiceBleed designer cases for over 80 smartphone models, at