Stylish Protection for Your Smartphone

We have offered India’s largest range of smartphone cases for a while now and a frequent request that we have gotten from our more butter-fingered fans has been that we start offering cases with a bit more protection.

Don’t get us wrong. Our slim designer cases are all the protection that most people will need for their smartphones. They are thin and light but they protect your phone from scratches, knocks and bumps. However, for people who really need all the protection that they can get, dailyobects introduces…


Style AND Protection.

All the protection you can get from a good protective smartphone case but with the style that only a Dailyobjects designer case can give your phone. Our Tough Cases are made of two layers. A soft, rubberised inner lining that covers the back and the sides of your phone and a hard-shell, outer layer that goes over the soft lining, with a lip that extends over the front of the phone. This lip protects the glass display screen even when you drop your phone and it lands on the screen (and phones always seem to land on the screen, don’t they?)

Our Tough Cases also protect the buttons on your phone. The hard, outer shell has cutouts for the buttons and the soft inner lining covers them, to give the buttons protection while still making them easy to press.

Easy on, easy off.

Many protective cases that we have used, are a huge struggle to put on and take off the phone. Some scratched our phones and some even needed tools to get them on! So, we decided to make our cases super easy to put and take off. It’s so easy, you could almost say… it’s a snap! 😉

But really, it shouldn’t take you more than half a minute to put a Dailyobjects Tough Case on your phone. Simply slip the inner rubber lining on your phone. This is very easy because the lining is rubberised and stretches over your phone. Then, the hard outer shell simply snaps on with very little effort.

Taking the phone out of the outer hardshell case requires a little more effort. We have designed it this way so that your phone does not pop out of the Tough Case when you drop it but if you apply some force, the hard shell snaps off and then you can easily remove the soft lining.

Tough Cases

The best thing about our Tough Cases however, is that they are gorgeous! In more than 3000 different ways!
Let’s be honest, most protective cases you can buy in India are extremely ugly. Our cases prove that you can have function and  form, with beautiful artwork from artists around the world that makes our Tough Cases unlike any other. For the first time, you don’t have to suffer a bulky, ugly looking smartphone case just because you want to keep your phone safe.

Custom Tough Cases

We even offer personalised Tough Cases. Just start with any of our beautiful templates, add your own photographs and create a Tough Case that preserves your precious memories as well as it protects your precious smartphone!