Shooting for your dreams: Aman Chotani

The best introduction for DailyObjects’ latest artist is to quote his own words…
“I am a Travel Photographer who creates beautiful and inspiring images.
I tell stories through my pictures, I live experiences through my journey.”

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If you haven’t heard of Aman Chotani you will soon enough, because even though he’s just getting started, Aman has already achieved a fair bit of fame and has made a name for himself as one of India’s most talented young photographers.

The son of a photographer, Aman was in the process of getting his Bachelor’s Degree in Cinema when he realised that still images enthused him more than moving pictures. He quickly figured out that he wanted to be a travel and wildlife photographer and decided to move to South Africa to study photography. While in college, Aman was also contacting photographers to try and get work assisting them.

To support his need for cameras, lenses and other photography equipment, Aman took up a job as a salesman selling, you guessed it, cameras. With no prior selling experience, Aman confesses that this was one of the hardest things he has ever done. Going to work everyday after college and ‘selling his soul’ as he puts it, for not a lot of money, scrimping and saving on meals so he could buy the equipment he needed. He says his time as a salesman taught him the value of persistence and hard work.

Aman’s persistence soon paid off as one of the photographers he had contacted, the award winning wildlife photographer, Louis Kleynhans, finally offered him a gig assisting him. After his regular assistant dropped out of a shoot, Louis was impressed enough with Aman’s work to hire him full-time, as his second photographer.

This gave Aman a huge amount of exposure. From wedding photography to wildlife projects and fashion photography, Aman saw and did it all.

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The pivotal moment for Aman came when one of his photographs, called Titanic, was selected by a New York gallery and featured on National Geographic magazine’s website.

Amain moved back to India and worked as a lecturer, teaching photography but quit after a year to start his photography club. Today he owns three studios in and around Delhi, along with a partner. He also has an impressive list of clientele, with brands like HCL, Autodesk, Revlon, Contract Advertising and Cox & Kings.

Aman’s photography runs the gamut, from the somewhat familiar to the truly original, the underlying thread being that all his images are spectacular. From photographs of iconic wonders like the Taj Mahal like you’ve never seem it before, to stunning portraits, Aman’s photography is shows you facets of India and the world like you’ve never seen before.
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