“Say My Name”: Balázs Solti.

You may not be able to pronounce his name correctly (even we can’t!) but you will definitely love the quirky art of Balázs Solti, dailyobjects’ designer in focus this week.
Balázs Solti Dailyobjects

Balázs is a self taught illustrator form Budapest in Hungary. He studied Russian language and literature in university and even has a teacher’s degree but Balázs has never actually been a teacher. Luckily for us, he decided to be an artist instead. He first started drawing less than five years ago, in 2010 and today, less than half a decade later, his art is popular around the world.

Balázs usually works with pencil and ink and in his free time does acrylic paintings as well but he says his favourite medium these days is digital, since he makes artwork for prints mostly. He loves the easy of use, the ability to modify the drawings and the backgrounds in separate layers and the ability to change colours at the click of a button.

Also, like most of us, Balázs, says one of this biggest attractions about working digitally is that there is always an Undo button 🙂 At dailyobjects, we loved his work the minute we saw it and immediately emailed Balázs to see if he would like to put his artwork on our designer smartphone cases for the Indian market. He agreed and is now quickly becoming one of the most popular artists on dailyobjects.com.

In his free time, Balázs plays guitar, watches sports, films and television shows. He says that his art is inspired by things he reads, music, films and TV. No points for guessing which his most favourite television show is…

Balázs love for Breaking Bad comes as no surprise, since the popular television show has inspired an almost cult-like following all around the world, including here in India.

Combine his love for Breaking Bad with his attempts to practice drawing animals and you get some quirky, pop-culture inspired designer smartphone cases that are a huge hit with our customers as well as the dailyobjects team, a lot of whom are huge fans of the show.

Though Balázs has never visited India, he says he would love to one day since the culture and the people are so different from where he lives. He hopes to confuse a whole lot of Indians when they try to pronounce his name…