Say hello to Tum Meow, our latest artist!

Can you guess what his favourite animal is? Bet you can’t.
Cats. It’s cats.
Did the Meow in his name tip you off?

Tum is from Thailand and he says his actual name is pronounced in english, simply like the letter ‘A’. Since he didn’t think that would exactly roll off the tongue, he’s been creating feline themed art under the Tum Meow moniker.

So, cats. Tum loves them, he thinks they are beautiful, funny and entertaining. They are the inspiration and the subject of almost all of Tum’s artwork. The love for cats is something that Tum inherited from his family. He says his family always loved cats, even when he was a child. They would take in homeless, hungry strays, feed them, give them a home and make them part of the family. Tum says cats are like babies in many ways, cute and naughty.

You can see that in his artwork as well, like Cat on the Drapes.


Tum graduated from King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology in Ladkrabang, with a major in communication arts and design and he currently lives and works in Bangkok.
He says the city is crowded, polluted and full of traffic jams. The abundance of delicious food and beautiful places in the city makes it all worth it though, according to him.

Besides his love for cats, Tum is also an avid film buff and spends his days off watching movies. The inspiration from films can also be seen in his artwork, like Charlie Cat, below.


Tum says he likes to fill his artwork with the love and happiness in the way that cats fill his heart with same emotions. He also tries to give back by donating to animal shelters for homeless cats.

While we may not feel as strongly about cats as Tum but we really enjoy his beautiful, adorable artwork and are thrilled to have it on our products.

To see all his aww-inspiring artwork, go to Tum Meow’s artist page at DailyObjects. You can also follow him on Twitter.