Say hello to the “new” iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus!

Apple fanbois and fangirls rejoice! Apple has just released its annual update to the world’s most popular smartphone, the iPhone 7. Actually, for the past couple of years you can make that plural as the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus mark the third year in a row in which Apple has released two flagship devices together.


There’s been much whining from the tech punditry online that the the latest iPhone is a very iterative update, with very little going on for it. This whining has of course been drowned out by the much louder din of the rumour mill that the iPhone 7 would ditch the ubiquitous headphone jack. Let’s be honest, we complained about it too and bitterly at that but whats done is done. Apple unveiled the new iPhones and revealed the awful truth; the 3.5mm headphone jack is gone.


Pour one out for it. Say bye-bye. Play sad_trombone.mp3 out loud.

So what did we get in place of the jack and was the trade-off worth it? Well for starters, we got the first truly waterproof iPhone. The new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus both have an IP67 rating which means that you can put them underwater for a few minutes and they should be just fine. Whether you’re the kind of unfortunate fool who drops their iPhone in the toilet or one of the cool kids who gets pushed into swimming pools, Apple’s got you covered.

Speaking of covers though (heh!) the new iPhones are waterproof but they are still fragile as ever. While they may survive the occasional dip in the pool, what will still definitely kill them is one of those much more common, unscheduled trips to the floor or the pavement. What this means, is that you’re still going to want to get an iPhone 7 case or iPhone 7 Plus cover, as the case may be and protect your fancy new Apple device. With prices starting at over 50,000 bucks for even the cheapest iPhone that you can buy in India, this isn’t a device you want to risk totalling every time it slips out of your hands.

We also got a very slightly bigger battery, like a few hundred mAh at most. This, coupled with the slightly more power efficient A10 Fusion processor in the iPhone 7 & 7 Plus should mean that you should find it easier to get through the day without looking for a power outlet. It also gives you one more reason to never ever even consider buying this monstrosity.

Apple’s iPhone Smart Battery Case

Last of all, you get a pair of stereo speakers, though not front facing and of course a dongle to use your old or favourite 3.5mm plug equipped headphones with the lightning port on your new iPhone.

However, what Apple really wants is for you to go wireless and buy these incredibly expensive wireless AirPods that you are sure to

First, look like a complete tool when you use them (Like those bluetooth headset bros)

Secondly, lose within a week and never ever find again.


Our advice would be to just stick with the wired, Lightning plug equipped EarPods and save your dignity AND your money.

Both the new iPhones also have incredibly fast processors that wipe the floor with anything you can find on the Android side of the fence, some of the best cameras ever to be put into a smartphone and two new colours. There’s a matte black that we really like the look of and a shiny new Jet Black. At the keynote, Jony Ive showed one of his eye-roll inspiring videos that are increasingly looking like parodies of themselves. The entire video was JUST about the colour and the finish of the iPhone.

However, Apple also warned that the Jet Black is prone to pick up ‘micro-abrasions’. For those of you that speak english, this means that your shiny new Jet Black iPhone will not remain shiny for very long and will get scratched to hell and back unless you put it in a case.

Which brings us to the fact that we’ve got literally thousands of designer cases for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. As always, DailyObjects was the first seller in India to make iPhone 7 covers available to buy online. We’ve also got slim cases, tough cases and clear cases for both models of the phone so you can find the perfect balance between size & protection, that works for best for your new iPhone. So if you’ve already bought or even pre-ordered your new iPhone, you can order a case from us today and have it ready to go as soon as you get your hands on the new iPhone hawtness.


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