Say Hello to our new designer, the lovely Julia Grifol!

Our artist in focus this week is Julia Grifol from Spain. We fell in love with her incredibly pretty designs and are thrilled to be able to offer them to you as a range of gorgeous designer products.


We’re going to let Julia tell you about herself and her art, so read on.

Hi, I am Julia Grifol! I have been a freelance designer for about 20 years. I am pleased to tell you something about me. Since I was a child, I knew I wanted to be a designer. All my textbooks were filled with doodles and I continuously imagined myself being a designer, travelling all around the world. I had a strong vocation! Besides, my uncle was a professional oil painter and I loved to watch him painting in his studio or in the countryside. I suppose he taught me that passion for arts.


My inspiration comes from everywhere, art, nature, travels, fashion, Spanish light, and way of life (we love going out) inspires me a lot.
I live on the eastern coast of Spain, and walking along the beach is very inspiring.
That passion and need to draw, have been a constant throughout my life. I am graduated in Artistic Illustration and Fashion Design at the Escuela de Arte y Superior de Valencia.


In 1995, my portfolio with children’s fashion designs was given a grant from the Impiva, an institution that promoted young designers in Valencia, Spain. I showed my collection at the International fashion children’s fair, and I made some good work contacts to work with.
From that moment on, I started working on designing school supplies’ collections and bag designs, reacquainting myself with creating prints for screen printing mainly for a company that licensed Disney products and I also began creating my own prints.
I’ve developed children’s fashion collections, textile prints, and graphic projects in the fashion and stationery fields, specifically for the children’s market for both Spanish and international brands and adapted my art to the required style.


I have developed vector prints and paterns for years, but lately I am creating lots of hand drawings as I love painting with ink and watercolours too.

All this diverse commercial experience has helped me learn and develop my own personal style shown in my work: an effortless, fresh and naive style highlighted by the use of cheerful and bright colours! I love to design butterflies, flowers, botanical icons in a happy way.


I work from my home studio which allows me lots of freedom and the abilities to organise myself and manage my time well. Anyway, I work more than I should, I sometimes also work at weekends as it is difficult to disconnect as I don´t have a fixed timetable. At the moment I’m working as a freelance designer, I am glad DailyObjects like my work and I hope you like it too!

You can see all of Julia Grifol’s art at here. You can also follow her on Instagram here to see all her latest work and to let her know how much you like her designs!