Say Hello to Cat Macorol!

We’ve had Catherine Macorol’s absolutely adorable art available at DailyObjects for awhile now but between one thing and another, we haven’t properly introduced Cat till now. So we’re posting a little chat we had with her about her art, her inspiration and more, so read on…

Catherine studied Graphic Design and minored in Interactive Design. After she graduated, Cat worked for Whole Foods as a store artist for several years before she transitioned to illustrating children’s books, a genre often referred to as kidlit. Catherine has also worked as a preschool teacher. When you see the childlike innocence and playfulness in Cat’s pieces like Elephant on a Bicycle, none of this is surprising at all.


Catherine says her style varies depending on the type of emotion she wants to convey in the piece but generally, she prefers using simple lines and muted colours.

Catherine says she finds her inspiration in nature, stories, children, experience, history and everything and everyone around her but we suspect there’s a lot of flights of imagination and pure fancy in there as well. How else would you explain delightful pieces like Fox with Umbrella?


Catherine was born in the Philippines but has spent most of life in the US after migrating there in 1995. She stays near the DC area because of her family and she confesses, also because she fell in love with the city.


Cat creates mostly with Adobe Illustrator on a Mac. Occasionally, she starts with a sketch using pencils and sometimes with a tablet to draw. However, Cat prefers using her own watercolour swatches, which she paints individually and scans. Cat say’s it worth the effort because she just loves the natural patterns and delicate colours that watercolour brings. We can’t agree more, the lovely depth and soft colours of her work is something that can only be achieved by putting brush to paper.


Talking about the process of how she takes her art from concept to completion, Cat confesses that sometimes great ideas just don’t translate well on paper. Cat says that unlike some artists who do things perfectly the first time, she takes hours or even days to finish something. She starts with a rough sketch; then draws over the sketch. Once done with the drawing, Cat starts colouring and adding the background; the details come in last.

After Cat is satisfied with all the details, she starts moving things, changing sizes, colours, and removing the unnecessary elements; something that we think many learning or aspiring artists really need to learn the value of. Cat says that often her final work does not look at all like her initial sketch.

When Cat isn’t creating art, she loves to travel, read, watch documentaries and hike. She also has a small garden she tends to on weekends. She confesses that she loves to explore new places, dance and of course, eat!


For someone who’s art seems so fuelled by an active imagination Cat says she never had an imaginary friend or believed in Santa Claus.

“When most kids were playing dolls, I was busy taking things apart. Perhaps, it’s because of my penchant for science – something that I might have inherited from my father. He can also draw but never pursued it. I am very fortunate to belong to a family who embraces both creative and intellectual pursuits.”


Cat says her love for animals was developed at an early age.
“My siblings and I had several pets growing up, some adopted from the streets and some were given to us. My brother had a pet chicken, while the girls had the cats and dogs. Regrettably, we had to leave all of them when we moved to the United States and that was the last time we saw them.” 🙁


Cat says she’d love to adopt a dog or cat one day and we hope that day comes really soon for her!

In the meantime, if you’d like to see more of Cat’s incredibly cute art, just visit her artist page at DailyObjects. If you’d like to keep up to date on Cat’s latest work, you can follow her on Instagram.