Putting the Candy in Eye-candy: Nady Nadhira

We’ve come across a lot of cool art in the past few years and signed up many great artists and it is discovering art from people like Nady Nadhira that really makes our day. How many other artists do you know whose art can be described as “TASTY”!?


We can’t think of anyone else either.

So, we’re pleased to announce that our newest artist at DailyObjects.com, is Nady Nadhira, from Malaysia. If you want the short answer to why she uses sweets and snacks in her art, Nady says she loves to draw & doodle and she loves to eat so she decided to combine the two.


One day, Nady was drawing while eating a bag of M&M’s. One fell on to the paper she was doodling on and she just continued around it, including the M&M as part of her art! Okay, we completely made that up, but you can imagine that’s how it all started, right?


Nady lives in Pahang Malaysia and is currently a teacher trainee at the Teachers’ Education Institute of Malaysia, majoring in Mathematics Education. She says this combines her love for teaching and her love for kids and is something she’s always wanted to do.

When she isn’t training to be every kid’s favourite teacher, Nady draws and doodles, to express her wild and colourful imagination, to calm herself down or to make herself feel better when she’s sad. Nady says she takes her inspiration from everything around her.

Even though drawing came naturally to Nady, she’s been doodling since she was a kid in school, she describes the process of creating art as sometimes ‘gruesome’. Nady says it can be tiring to create even a single beautiful piece of art. We think that the results are really worth it though!

Though we love all of Nady’s ‘candy art’ and our favourite has to be M&M Balloons Up House which reminds us of one of our favourite Pixar films; Up.


Nady’s monster doodles are equally cool and if you look closely at Monster Mash you’ll love the level of detail.


You can follow Nady on Instagram to see all her latest art and her wild imaginings and you can see her artist page at DailyObjects at http://www.dailyobjects.com/nady-nadhira

Let’s end however with our favourite quote from Nady…
“I love scrolling the internet.”

OMG! Us too!! 😀