Daily Life Hacks to change your life!

“Necessity is the mother of invention.” Heard of it? Yes, we all have. This proverb fits perfectly well to describe a daily life scene smeared with obstacles but then which can be solved. Days become functional when they progress uncluttered and we tell you, the tweaks are easy. Out of these, we are here to help you with 4 big hacks that will definitely change your life for good!
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Five popular myths that our 21st century women are breaking!

“Better the balance, better the world”

Today is the 1st of March bringing out countdown closer to International  Women’s Day. We all know this day celebrates an acknowledgement of the value and strength our women carry for us. However, the question is how is it like to be a woman today in the 21st century? Exciting, yes, with all the opportunities coming to the world, but daunting at the same time. Daunting, because our women, regardless of everything renewed, are labelled similarly for an over-generalization. These labels are better termed “Myths”- the ones that blind identity. The four most popular among these estimations include the following sticky labels.
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Speaking of the perfect time to amplify your love? We are here to listen.

“Joy of giving, joy of receiving”- in love is love.

January has just ended and with that has come the February Fever. This is the month dedicated to the colour “Red”, and the month when your adrenaline rush is on a different high! It is the month of the Valentine. The time to propose your love, the time to express it with hugs, kisses and gifts. What better than having days designated for each of these expressions? (Chocolate day is our favourite!) What better than having spaces around strewn with couples blushing and loving?

Valentines Day, we tell you, is the perfect time to celebrate your love and to freeze the moments of celebration with a memento of gift. This month is giving us the greatest excuse to celebrate the presence of our better half! Now, if you are looking for that fitting gift and confusion has wearied you, let us guide you through a few options from us that will surprise your partner in the best way.
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At DailyObjects, we are helping your Resolutions!


As 2019 opens up on all, we have our minds and new leather diaries marked up with resolutions. We have the people who had their ‘Ready, Steady, GO!’ on move with 1st January in their paper fresh calendars. However, we also have our group of latecomers ready for the coming fight. They did not start then, but now they will. They actually took the first 16 days to decide on its firmness and what better? A resolution started late is better than a resolution never started. Isn’t it?

We at DailyObjects are here to help you all with your new, old, late resolutions that need our BRAND support. DailyObjects will help you support the three most popular from the top list of 21st-century human resolutions. We are talking of your cash, your newly acquired management OCD(Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and grooming plans. From our wide range of products, here are a few that will help you with your resolution with us.

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Products you loved the most to make them the #BestsellersOf2018

As 2018 draws towards its end, we all are preparing to end the year on a happy note. Some of you are planning to go on a vacation, some of you are already planning how to party in style on New Year’s eve. Here at DailyObjects, we are all geared up for New Years too. We have had an amazing year with you. This year, we saw the growth of the company in leaps and bounds. We launched new products, new designs, welcomed lots of new customers who have now become a part of the extended family. Our social media family grew too. Lots of happy customers got featured, we loved how creative our customers are. We received an overwhelming response from all of you this year and we are in awe of the love we received.

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Chic designs to match your winter wardrobe

Winter is finally here and with that, it’s time to go all winter-y with the wardrobe. Winter is the time for love and something we all wait for throughout the year. Now that it is here, we all cannot wait to update our wardrobe to embrace the nip in the air. Winter is the time which is special in so many ways. The start of something new, the festive season, memories, love- all of these sum up winter. A season like this deserves something special. We at DailyObjects constantly strive to deliver something for everyone and make your everyday life better. These new designs for iPhone covers are just the covers your phone needed to match your wardrobe this winter. Gone are the days when phone covers were meant for protecting the phones. Today, phone covers and cases have become a part of our complete look. These new designs will take care of your winter wardrobe and how! Continue reading “Chic designs to match your winter wardrobe”

Wondering what to gift your loved ones for Christmas? DailyObjects to the rescue!

The best part of December is just around the corner. With Christmas around, there are happy vibes all around. There’s nothing to not love about Christmas. Lights, Christmas trees, decorations, family, friends, warmth, love, holidays, food and there’s so much more this festival brings for us. But gifts will always remain the most special part. We might have all grown up and our Santa Claus myths might have been busted long back, but we are far from over with giving and receiving gifts. The moment December kicks in, we all gear up and start looking for gifts for one another, because how can Christmas be complete without gifts? While it always feels great to get plenty of gifts from loved ones, the real joy lies in picking up gifts for the ones we love. The planning, investing time and efforts in going through hundreds of stores to find that one perfect gift that we can be sure that the person will like, there’s no greater joy than that. We do all this to watch the expression on that person when they receive that gift.

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11 Photos that capture the rawness and glory of the Pushkar Fair 2018

If you had to answer what is the most mesmerizing thing about India, what would your answer be? We are sure it would not take much time to say that it’s huge diversity of rich culture is one of the reasons. With 29 states and huge cultural diversity, the country is rich in heritage and traditions. Not just that, it’s festivals, carnivals, fairs everything is extravagant. One can never categorize all them because it is technically impossible to do so. Each of these festivals and events is unique in their own way with their own history, the way they are held and celebrated.

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Top 5 Jersey Designs for FIFA World Cup 2018

Russia is hosting 2018 FIFA World Cup along with the mascot ‘Zabivaka,’ whose Russian name translates to “the one who scores.” Finally the best 32 qualified teams are going to give each other a hard time on the FIFA World Cup 2018. The teams have revealed their Home and Away Jerseys for the tournament. Since jerseys are a big deal for FIFA World Cup fans we went through all the designs and brought you the Top 5 Jersey Designs that are exciting enough to draw our attention. Continue reading “Top 5 Jersey Designs for FIFA World Cup 2018”

Top 4 Designer Travel Accessories for your Travel Plans in 2018

“The journey not the arrival matters,” says T.S Eliot.

A traveler knows that traveling is never about reaching the destination. It is about the trail from the point of departure till the point of arrival. Since you know that traveling is all about the journey, choose the best travel products that make your journey more comfortable and organized. Dailyobjects’ chic travel accessories list will make you go bonkers over them. Continue reading “Top 4 Designer Travel Accessories for your Travel Plans in 2018”