Our favourite #dailyobjects selfies (and photos) with friends!

Since the 7th of August is friendship day, we’d thought we’d celebrate the event by posting just a few of our favourite #dailyobjects photos from customers. Over the years, we’ve seen and reposted hundreds of great customer photos but some of the best and most heartwarming pictures we’ve seen are the ones taken with friends.

So let’s look at some of our most favourite #dailyobjects selfies and photos with friends…

Let’s start with this cool triptych by Hrishi and his friend. Ever feel like your best friend is actually part of you? Well, these guys made it happen.


All you need is a couple DailyObjects cases of your choice. They’ve used two of our many Camera Cases but you can choose whichever cases you like. Then, take two perfectly matched mirror selfies against the same background. Splice the selfies together with some image editing software, create a triptych using Layout, post to instagram, tag with #dailyobjects and…… profit?

This is another favourite of ours. What could be better than two girlfriends, bonding over their DailyObjects cases and taking mirror selfies together? #adorable.


Check out these sharp looking dudeskis doing the #mirrorselfiewithfriends thing in this photo from Aashu.


Here’s another great photo, this one features DailyObjects artist Aman Chotani’s, friend Nivida & her friend posing together with cases that feature his photography (also, some tasty looking alcoholic beverages) #beer


Perhaps the original best friend for most people? This photo from Navind features his cute daughters, in real life as well as on his custom case. #siblinglove


Another couple of girlfriends showing off their cases. This time it’s blogger Aanchal and her friend.


How about this #WorldCupSelfie from Akshay and his friend, cheering for India with their #WontGiveItBack cover? Akshay looks charged up!


Finally, how could we end a post talking about friendship without putting a photo of dog in it? So, here’s Malvika’s adorable pug, contemplating her case from the DailyObjects Marble Collection. #MansBestFriend


With that, we hope you enjoyed looking at these photos. Friendship Day is just an excuse to spend some time with people who may mean more to you than even your family. So, go out, have a fun day with your best friend or best friends.

Just remember to take a #selfie.

Happy Friendship Day 🙂