Our favourite DailyObjects photos of 2016 + Weekly Giveaway 2017!

It’s a new year once again and DailyObjects has had a great 2016, thanks to all of you who bought our products and supported our brand.

We’ve constantly reposted the incredible images DailyObjects buyers have sent us and to give a little back to all of you, we’ve decided to do a weekly giveaway! That’s right, every week in 2017, team DailyObjects will pick our favourite photograph posted by you on social media and give away a free DailyObjects smartphone case of the winner’s choice! That’s 52 DailyObjects cases up for grabs this year, all completely FREE, FREE, FREE!

So get posting, send us photos of you and your DailyObjects in a mirror selfie, or with your friends, or with your favourite outfit, your cat, your goldfish or your pet of choice. But before that, lets looks back at some of the amazing photos that we’ve seen in 2016. Keep in mind that this isn’t a countdown, it’s just our most favourite photos in no particular order.

Enjoy the photographs and hopefully you’ll get some inspiration to post your own interesting DailyObjects photograph and maybe even win a free case? Keep your fingers crossed and we wish you the very best of luck.

In the meantime…


We love interesting mirror selfies and this haircut mirror selfie from Krithika, has to be one of our favourites. Look at all the happy, smiling faces!


Another favourite of our has to be this cool case and this perfect photograph from Maulik Patel. What a great idea for a custom case!


Sometimes even we’re amazed by the stunning results when users photograph their DailyObjects. Check out this beautifully paired and shot Case and Leather Keychain, from Kali Charan Konda


We find pet photos irresistible and what could be better than our How To Chill Like A Cat case next to Carabelle the cat, showing you how its done? #ADORABLE


Niki got inspired by her Bunny Moon Designer Notebook and sketched her own version of it and we think its brilliant!


The combination of the case and the positioning in this mirror selfie from Roshen, makes for a very cool effect.


Could this photo of her Dreamcatcher Case from Jyoti be any more PINK? We don’t think so but we #LOVE it.


Mimi is one of our most favourite customers, who posts photos with her DailyObjects quite regularly but this has to be one of our favourites because of the mood and action in it.


While everyone posted their #faceswap photographs in 2016. This one from Abhinav is both the creepiest and the coolest, for us.


Asif shows off how well our Real Leather Eyewear Case goes with this stylish black Wayfarers.


We love seeing how DailyObjects become part of your outfits and your personal style and Malika is obviously doing it right with this pairing!


Speaking of pairings, what could be a better pairing for a DailyObjects case than this delicious looking icing cake made by Pooja?


How about a DailyObjects #mirrorselfie from a DailyObjects artist? This is Tobe Fonseca posing with a case and t-shirt featuring “Furr Division” (get it?) by who else, Tobe Fonseca.


If you like minimalist, flat lay photography, you should follow Mohammed Aneez on Instagram. This photo of his #dailyessentials, featuring a DailyObjects case, is the perfect way to end this post!

With that, thanks for looking, thanks for reading, get out and post photos with your DailyObjects and tag them with #dailyobjects so the world can see your personal style and we can enter you into our giveaway for a free case each week.

See you on the social medias! Follow us, like us, tag us, message us, all that good stuff!

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