Our 10 favourite #dailyObjects selfies of 2015!

Another year is almost over! 2015 has been great for us at DailyObjects and we hope you’ve had a great year too. Throughout the year, people have sent us awesome selfies on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and we’ve saved each and every one of them. Your photographs mean a lot to us and it is really great to see people using and loving the DailyObjects that we put so much work into making.

Our wonderful artists from around the world also love seeing people using their designs on sleeves and cases in places that they never knew existed! So, if you have a DailyObject, please take a selfie and send it to us and if you don’t.. send us a selfie anyways!

In the last post we talked about what makes a great #dailyObjects selfie. In this post we’ll show off some of our most favourite selfies from the year. We haven’t ranked them and this is by no means a definitive list. We have so many favourites and the DailyObjects team had a very hard time on deciding on just 10 selfies that everyone could agree upon but here they are. Sharp readers that have read the Do’s and Don’ts from our last post will notice that some of these people have broken some of the rules.
As with much else in life, you can break the rules as long as you do it creatively and get great results, like the ones below!


This mirror selfie with Rahul showing off his Sony Cassette Case and his Heisenberg t-shirt has to be one of our favourites! Hard to believe that the #BreakingBad series finale was over two years ago! #RerunBingeWatch anyone?


There’s something about Kaushal’s old school round glasses and his Bolsey Vintage Camera Case that go together perfectly and really make this a great #dailyObjects selfie.


What is the deal with girls obsessed with moustaches? We don’t know but we do know that is one hella cute selfie. Radhika really needs to finish the job with her nail polish though.


Who can resist a cute smile? Doesn’t hurt that Divya’s sparkly outfit matches her Gatsby Coral Case perfectly either.


At the other end of the spectrum, is Karan, who look like he’s definitely up to no good. Doesn’t help that he’s posing with an Anonymous Monkey Case either.


Pretty dress, great hair, perfect accessories, including a Tryypyzoyd Case. Lalima is having a #goodhairday and she knows it!


Vinayak is actually a very mild mannered, happy customer. He’s just excited about his Customised Hulk Case.


Something really pleasing about the lines of this beautifully framed black and white selfie by Sarthak with his Bolsey Vintage Camera Case.


How could we not feature this cute selfie from our favourite actress. Kalki Koechlin pulls a funny face for us, with her Einstein in Cinema Case.


Our last selfie in this list may be our most favourite. Msa thinks outside the box, taking a selfie using the chromed back of a bike’s rearview mirror and giving us this truly amazing shot.