Our 10 favourite #dailyobjects photographs from you!

Everyone at Team DailyObjects is always thrilled when our customers Tweet and post photos of their #dailyobjects on Instagram or Facebook. We love seeing how people use their #dailyobjects, what they use them with and how they become part of their personal style statements and indeed, their lives.

While we also love looking at and reposting selfies of our customers, today, we’re just going to show off some of our most favourite product photos that you have shared on social media.

Today, we aren’t going to feature any Designer Cases or Customisable Cases, since we already showed off our favourite case photographs in a previous blog post. However, don’t be surprised if you see a few cases in these photos. Most people tend to own more than one dailyobject; they usually buy a Smartphone Case from us, love it and then then come back for more!

If you’d like to be featured here, just tag your post with #dailyobjects, or better still, tag us! We’re @daily_objects on Twitter, @dailyobjects_official on Instagram and DailyObjects on Facebook.

So, with the explanation and plugs done, let’s get to the photographs!


Abhishek Chandra is the perfect example of someone who just can’t get enough #dailyobjects. He’s got two Designer Notebooks and two Designer iPhone Cases, before his exams! Talk about a distraction…


Asifisbest. You know why? Because he sent us one of the first customer photographs of a product from our Leather Goods line: Handmade by DO. This triptych shows off the details of our stylish new leather eyewear cases, perfectly!


Rujuta runs a blog called Elaichi that you should definitely check out because she has really great taste! As shown by her pairing of a Designer MacBook Sleeve and a Designer iPad Case, both with big, bold, blocky stripes that look great individually and even better together! She also got a couple of DailyObjects Leather Cable Wraps to keep all her cables tidy. Schweeeet!


Mimi regularly posts some of our favourite #dailyobjects photos and this one has to be one of the coolest, featuring her Designer Phone Case and Designer Notebook from DailyObjects, along with her daily style and tech essentials.
Mimi loves colours as much we do.
She obviously loves blue, we do too!


This photo by Praband Bhatt on Facebook, has to be one of our most favourite photos of our products, ever! We love the symmetry, the moody lighting, the wooden texture and most of all how absolutely lovely our Teal coloured Small Leather Cable Wraps and Leather Key Loops look! We’ve shared this photo everywhere and Praband, if you’re reading this, we owe you a gift! Call us!


When Benjamin suits up in the morning, he does it #hella stylishly. Leather bag, leather belt, leather shoes, leather wallet and a Leather Mini Cable Wrap. For extra style points (and to keep all the materials natural) he even has a Real Wood iPhone case! #SharpDressedMan


An increasing number of DailyObjects buyers are buying a Leather Cable Wrap along with their DailyObjects Phone Case and Rhea was one of the first to post a photo of her two newest DailyObjects. We love how well her Designer Case, her teal coloured Mini Cable Wrap and her blue and pink headphones go together!


Aditi Dalvi makes room decor videos on Youtube and this cosy little corner certainly looks like somewhere we’d like to be. Featuring, once again, our Do What You Love Designer Notebook.


Lakshmi DM’ed us this photo of her daily essentials, a Blackberry (remember those??) a pair of stylish Wayfarers, and something to write in; a Designer Notebook from DailyObjects. What more could a girl need?

This may be our new favourite account on Instagram. Nadine makes the most delicious looking cakes and assorted baked goods and then posts eye-candy photos of them to Instagram. This photo also happens to feature our gorgeous looking Leather MacBook Sleeve but honestly, we just want that muffin!

With that, if you’re reading this, follow us on Twitter & Instagram, Like us on Facebook and keep posting photos of your dailyobjects. Just remember to tag them with #DailyObjects or better still, tag us!

We’re @daily_objects on Twitter, dailyobjects_official on Instagram and DailyObjects on Facebook. See you on the social medias. Peace out!