Our 10 favourite DailyObjects case photographs from you!

At DailyObjects, we love great photographs. What we love even more is seeing photos of the phone cases we make, out in the world, in the hands of buyers. We get a huge kick out of seeing where people take our cases, what accessories they pair them with, how they use them and how they photograph them. It gives us a little peek into people’s lives and shows us our cases in ways we’ve never imagined.

We encourage all our customers to Tweet and post on Instagram or Facebook with photos of their DailyObjects products. While we love seeing selfies of you as well, in this post we’re just going to show off some of our most favourite recent user submitted photos of DailyObjects cases.

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With that out of the way, let’s get to our favourite photographs! Once again, these aren’t listed in any particular order, they’re all equally great!

This photo by Jovita of her Cloudy In Paris Case pictured with a pair of pink pumps is nearly perfect. Fans of the brand may point out that the soles of Louboutins are actually supposed to be red but to that we say “close enough!”


If you love lots of bold colours, Malika’s combination of some bright funky jewellery with the riot of colours of her Arabesque Floral Case, should really make you happy. It definitely works for us!


This wonderfully moody photo taken by Ankur in really low light just makes the colours in his Cat Slurp Case stand out more.


We love the striking contrast between the digital, abstract 3D effect in the Singularity Abstract Case and the natural wood texture of the table. Also check out the ginormous cup of tea that Tanmay is drinking!


We love dogs so obviously this photo of Malvika’s pug admiring her White Marble Case is one of our favourites!


Blogger and Youtuber Magali gives out style tips and if this photo of her Do What You Love Case is anything to go by, you should definitely follow her on Instagram and subscribe to her Youtube channel!


Do you know DailyObjects also makes Designer Notebooks now? They’re available with the same incredible artwork as our designer cases. So you can get yourself a beautiful matched pair, like Hetvi has here, with her Lakota Dream Catcher Case and notebook.


We always love seeing where DailyObjects cases get taken, unless they get taken to the beach. Then we just get jealous 🙁 Why is Puneeth by the seaside with his Never Stop Exploring Country Side Case while we aren’t ??


Nisheeta has taken a number of very cool photos of her How To Chill Like A Cat Case but this one is our favourite. The lighting, the composition and the idea of reading or studying with an iced drink, sitting by the window… Bliss.


We like to think that our buyers have a WOW moment as soon as they first see their DailyObjects case and this photo by Umang of her gorgeous Sunflowers Forever A Painted Pattern Case case perfectly captures the moment.


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Once again, we’re @daily_objects on Twitter, @dailyobjects_official on Instagram and DailyObjects on Facebook. See you (and your photos) online!