Ornate awesomeness: The incredible artwork of BioworkZ

Ben Kwok better known as BioworkZ, is the artist behind some of the most beautiful artwork on dailyobjects.com. If incredibly detailed, almost jewel-like illustrations and monochromatic colours are your thing, you’ll love Ben’s work.
BioworkZ dailyobjects Artists

Born in Taiwan, Ben’s family moved to the US when he was 4 and currently, he lives and works in Pasadena, California. Ben gave himself the moniker BioworkZ, when he was in college and he has stuck with it ever since.

Ben’s claims his two significant inspirations for the personal style he calls ‘ornate’ are the artists Iain Macarthur and H.R. Giger. Sci-fi films fans will recognise that latter name as the Academy Award winning creator of the artwork and set design for the film ‘Alien’.


Ben watched the film while he was in school and later stumbled upon a book by H.R. Giger. He says he was blown away by the beautiful renderings and the fusion of human parts and machines. Though he was heavily influenced by Giger’s style, the macabre themes of his artwork were thankfully not Ben’s cup of tea.

Ben took his two biggest influences and combined them with his love of animals to create a truly unique and distinctive style that is simply gorgeous, with artwork that reveals more details and depth, the longer you look at it.
love of animals

Ben’s favourite things to draw are owls, which he finds profound and endlessly fascinating. He also likes skulls; he sometimes combines the two subjects with interesting results. His love for animals extends into real life as well; Ben’s family has two cocker-spaniels and he says he’d have more pets but with a five month old daughter, there’s only so much he can handle.
Great Horned Skull Case

To create his art, Ben uses a Intuos Pro digitiser and a 27” iMac that runs Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. He still swears by traditional mediums like pens & pencils on paper and he collects art supplies along with a lot of other stuff like notebooks, stickers, books, knives, flashlights, figurines and fountain pens.

When asked how he ended up partnering with dailyobjects, Ben jokes ‘I was constantly being hassled by this guy named Pankaj (CEO of the company)to join dailyobjects.com’. Luckily, Ben says a lot of artists he knew and respected were already working with Pankaj so he decided to partner with dailyobjects to bring his art to India. Ben says he’s always wanted to visit India because there are a lot of beautiful places to see and he finds the country’s long, rich history, fascinating.

What’s next from Ben? Colours perhaps? Ben says his first love will always remain black and white but he plans to feature more coloured art in the future.

See the amazing BioworkZ collection at dailyobjects.com or follow Ben on Twitter and Facebook. You can see all of Ben’s work on the BioworkZ website at bioworkz.com