Oneplus 7T Covers Have A New Look

We’re three months down the line and Oneplus has already started created buzz around a new addition in the Oneplus 7 series. Yes, you must’ve heard of it too. Clearly, Oneplus 7 and Oneplus 7T will differ in terms of features. One very obvious visual difference is the camera and how it’s set in the phone. Oneplus 7 had a dual camera at the back in a linear format, but Oneplus 7T is said to be launched with a triple camera in a circular format. First, Apple comes up with a square housing for their new launch, and now Oneplus is bringing circular housing in top-end models. Our smartphone makers sure love shapes. Think of how different Oneplus 7T covers would look. Apart from this physical difference, Oneplus 7T is rumoured to have twenty percent better performance than Oneplus 7. Defintely an upgrade we all need. 

The technology and innovations will surely reach another level in the Oneplus 7T series, what’s important for us are the accessories that we’ll get for this new phone. We’ve come up with a list of cases and covers for this new phone that you’ll definitely want to invest in. Here’s a glance at everything that’s available.

Glass Cases

Oneplus 7T Glass Case
DailyObjects Unicorn Gradient Glass Case for Oneplus 7T

DailyObjects’ Glass Cases come in over 60 different colours and shades. Whether you like a gradient or solids, there’s a huge range for you to choose from. After all, a new phone deserves all the colours. 

Holographic Glass Cases

DailyObjects Holographic Glass Case
DailyObjects Smoke Gradient Holographic Glass Case for Oneplus 7T

If you’re unable to pick a single colour, what do you think about multiple colours? Your phone case will shine like a prism every time light falls on the smooth surface of it. 

Designer Glass Cases

DailyObjects Designer Glass Case
DailyObjects Pink Triplet Glass Case for Oneplus 7T

Some of you might even like a little design on your phone case and now, DailyObjects has designs on a glass back for a sleek and shinier effect, so now your designs can start glowing! Won’t you just love holding a premium glass case in your hand?

With so many new options for Oneplus 7T covers, one thing is for sure – you won’t have to compromise on the quality and the protection it gives to your phone. So pick your favourite case and carry it with your outfit of the day!