OMG! It’s Adam Priester!

All the way from Sweden, say hello to our newest friend (and DailyObjects artist)
Adam Priester!


We chatted with Adam about himself and his work so read on to find out about the artist that created the amazing art you see on this page.

Tell us a little about yourself. Or a lot.

I’m 25 years old. I was born in Germany but I moved to Sweden soon after. I speak both German and Swedish. Back at my parents place I have 4 cats and they’re all great though two of them don’t get along at all.

Uhh what more… I never have to set an alarm to wake up in time. I have a very, very good memory for faces. I can be a terrible skeptic, which often annoys people.

I currently live in a pretty small city called Växjö. (Don’t worry. We can’t pronounce it either)
It’s small even by Swedish standards, absolutely minuscule by world standards. It has about 80,000 inhabitants. It’s a very green city surrounded by lakes and forests. I’ve never felt the big city calling and I feel like this city has everything I need to live in, comfortably. If i want to go into nature it’s only a few minutes away.

I’m still studying for my Bachelor degree in Sustainable Development & Design. During my ‘free’ time I freelance as a graphic designer.

Pouch group
Adam describes his art style and talks about his inspirations.

It’s always much easier to have others describe your style but if I had to do it, I would call it something like ‘Mixed Digital Media’. I’m very inspired by science fiction & fantasy films and television from the 1970s all the way through to the last decade. I take my inspirations from everything from books to movies to games & animation.

Card holder-Front01

I try to blend my various influences and the different elements in my designs together using interesting colour combinations.

Card holder-Front

When it comes to talking about this process, Adam is a little harder to draw out.

That’s a tough question. I don’t think i have a describable process. But I’m not much for sketching, maybe like a 5 second sketch and then the rest is made in my brain or on the computer. Lately I’ve abandoned all non-digital media. I exclusively use Adobe Creative Suite; Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects and a lot of Cinema 4D.


We asked Adam about his interest and guess what? We share every single one of them!

As for my other interests, I like working out, watching movies, travelling and staring at my wall.

We wanted to chat more but we both had walls to stare at so we called it a day.
Adam’s incredibly interesting art is available at DailyObjects as smartphone cases, tote-bags, card-wallets, cushion covers and more. To see it, go to his artist page at DailyObjects here
or you can also follow him on Instagram.