New from DailyObjects: Designer Clear Cases!

At DailyObjects we’re always looking for ways to make our accessories better, whether in terms of how functional they are, how well they’re built or how cool they look!

While we’ve been selling designer cases for more than a couple of years now, there’s been an increasing number of people we’ve seen using just a clear case on their phones. This trend is more pronounced amongst people who have high-end phones that have an all metal construction, such as iPhones or Samsung’s flagship Galaxy lineup of phones.

We’ve also seen a lot more midrange phones with metal chassis this year, which would mean a lot more people would be interested in the protection of a case without hiding their great looking new phones. Clear cases are cool but we thought we could do one better and let users add some style and personality to their phones while still being able to show them off.


So, we’re proud to announce that DailyObjects is launching a range of Designer Clear Cases! We’ve looked through our huge library of over 7000 pieces of art and selected the pieces that we thought would look equally great on a clear background. We’ve also sourced new art specifically for our Designer Clear Cases. The result is that we’ve got more than a hundred designs that look absolutely stunning!

We’ve even thought about which designs and colour palettes look best against the metal backgrounds of phone bodies. So whether you’ve got a Silver, Space Grey, Champagne Gold or even Rose Gold coloured phone, you’ll find many designs that look absolutely great with it.

It isn’t just all about style either. All our Designer Clear Cases provide as much protection as our slim designer cases. They have the same precision fit and finish. They snap on to your phone easily and protect it from bumps drops and scratches. DailyObjects Designer Clear Cases are compatible with all chargers, headphones and accessories that came with your phone and all buttons and ports are left unobstructed, with precision cutouts.


If you want to protect your phone but don’t like the idea of covering it up with a case, you should definitely try our Designer Clear Cases, they are so thin and light, you’ll forget you even have one on. Except for all the compliments you’ll get 😉

See the entire range of DailyObjects Designer Clear Cases here.