My Favourite Things: Maaike Boot

Ask Dutch artist Maaike Boot to name a few of her favourite things and you immediately see the inspirations in her beautiful artwork.

Travel, typography, inspirational quotes, India, and Bollywood are just some of the themes in one of our largest and most popular collections of designer smartphone cases; The Little Smilemakers Studio Collection by Maaike Boot.

Designer Cases of Maaike Boot

Maaike’s inspirational quote cases are some of the most popular designs at and her explanation for their popularity is that people like to have a little note or a positive mantra that they can carry around. Her adorable patterns are extremely popular around the world, on stationery, bed linen, wallpapers and other home decor and accessories.

Maaike is a self-described travel junkie and India has been one of her favourite destinations since she first visited, five years ago. Since then, Maaike has visited India every couple of years and she was last here in 2014. She confesses to missing India every day and hopes to visit again soon and see more of the sights and colours of Rajasthan.

Her ‘Indian Lovers’ designer case is inspired in part by romantic Bollywood films, which she is a huge fan of and a wedding that she was invited to attend when she was in Kerala. Maaike describes India as an ‘inspirational place’and loves the difference in culture, fashion, food andliterally everything between this country and her home in Holland. She has more than a few adorably cute Indian themed smartphone cases available on our site.

Back in Holland, Maaike runs The Little Smilemakers Studio and for three years now, she has been designing charming patterns and illustrations that are used by companies and brands around the world. She also volunteers at a kids theatre group as a way of giving a little back to the community in which she lives and works.

Whether you are looking for cases that will make you smile and give you a little pick-me-up with positive quotes, or a completely new and visually stunning take on traditional Indian themes and subjects, you should definitely check out one of our favourite collections; Maaike Boot’s designer cases at

If you want to follow Maaike Boot on social media and see her photographs and her latest artwork, you can follow her on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

Keep Smiling 🙂