Meet our new DailyObjects artist, Ann Marie Coolick!

Our DailyObjects artist this week, is Ann Marie Coolick from Virginia, USA. We asked Anne to tell us a little about herself and we got some lovely photographs of her working on her art in her wonderfully sunlit studio. So read on, look at the pretty pictures and the gorgeous art.


Anne studied art and business at Virginia Tech and after graduating, taught after-school programs in DC before being awarded a studio residency at the Arlington Arts Centre. Her paintings have since been widely exhibited across the US. We thought the style of her work was unlike anything else in the DailyObjects art collection and it would look gorgeous on DailyObjects products.


“I live and work out of my home studio in Arlington, Virginia about a mile from the Pentagon. I’m a five minute drive into Washington, DC and I often head into the city to visit all the free art museums. I’m amazed that I’m able to live in such close proximity to so many wonderful collections including the Hirshhorn Contemporary Art Museum and the National Gallery of Art.”


“My style is focused on colour and texture, with a variety of subject matter from seascapes to local florals to geometric abstractions of nature.”


“I’m constantly inspired by my surroundings, from the beautiful cherry blossoms at


springtime in DC to the quiet shores of Back Bay Wildlife Refuge in southeastern Virginia.”


Unlike most of DailyObjects’ artists, Anne does not use software to create or manipulate her art at all.

“My work is made completely by hand and I’ve painted exclusively with palette knives for over a decade. I take my own photographs and use only those images that most closely represent the colour and texture of the original pieces.”


We asked Anne to describe the process of taking an idea for an artwork from concept to completion.

“I work quickly and intuitively, often going with the flow of the paint and seeing where the process leads me. I work mostly from memory and the feelings inspired from being in a particular place and time. “


On her family and on inspiring an interest in art in her children…

“I have three young boys ages 3, 5, and 7, who keep me very busy, so I have to work hard at time management. None of them are into art yet, but I’m trying to at least expose them to the joys of creativity and the fun in attending gallery openings and museums.”


On what she does to unwind when she isn’t working…

“I love to run. There was a time in my life when I competed in marathons and half marathons, but now I run purely to clear my mind. When I run I’m often thinking of projects and ideas for new paintings. I also love to bake. I find there is a unique overlap in painting and baking from a creative, and detail-oriented perspective.”

On working with DailyObjects and visiting India…

“A number of my artist comrades sell through DailyObjects and I thought it was a wonderful market that would appreciate my bright and colourful work. My husband visited India before we met, and I would love to visit one day myself. Much of my work is inspired by colour and the sea and I think India would be full of inspiration.“

You can see much more of Anne Marie’s work on her artist page here, at DailyObjects

Anne’s art is available as incredibly beautiful MacBook sleeves, tote-bags, card wallets, carry-all pouches and smartphone cases for over a hundred phone models, all at