Learn what great design is from our new artist, Morten Voigt!

Say hello to the intriguing, singular artwork of the newest artist at DailyObjects.com, the talented Mr. Morten Voigt.

We weren’t joking about the headline either, because Morten teaches article illustration to first year students at The Danish Design School in Copenhagen, in addition to providing illustrations for Danish publications. Impressive!

Morten is 53 years old and as you may have figured out, he’s Danish. He lives in Copenhagen along with his two daughters, as seen in this gorgeous black and white photograph that he sent us. He says he craves great food, loves cooking and playing music.


Mr. Voigt is a man of few words and lets his art speak for itself so lets focus on that, shall we? Morten’s illustrations would look perfectly at home in a New Yorker article. Morten uses his very classic style to depict some very modern themes and these are our favourite illustrations of his. A perfect example of this is ‘Lifeline’. It was one of the first works from Morten that we saw and we immediately thought it would be absolutely perfect for a smartphone case.


Another artwork of Mr. Voigt’s that beautifully depicts modern life is ‘Work from Home’, which shows a woman practising yoga as she works on her laptop computer.


Morten does tackle more serious themes in his art though and ‘Mood Swings ‘and ‘Ties ThanBind’ are two of his pieces that we think are quite thought provoking and clever.


Morten creates all his simple and intriguing art digitally. He uses Photoshop on a Mac to create work that looks hand drawn and coloured for the most part. He says that the actual illustration may take him just two or three hours to finish but he think about the concepts for his illustrations for almost a day before starting to work on them.


Amongst his inspirations, Morten counts art, architecture, music and of course the articles that he illustrates. We love Morten’s work and we’re sure you will too!

Morten’s art is available on DailyObjects smartphone cases, MacBook sleeves and on our newly launched Personal Notebooks as well.

You should check out Morten Voigt’s entire art collection at DailyObjects at http://www.dailyobjects.com/morten-voigt.