iPhone 11 Cases Trending In India

Now that Apple has launched the new iPhone 11, we know you can’t wait for it to get delivered. All of us have our eyes set on the new launches and we’re already planning when we’re going to upgrade. If you’ve already made up your mind, you need to be completely ready for it when it arrives. So how exactly can you be prepared for your new phone? Of course, the first thing you need is an iPhone 11 cases. The second is obviously a screen protector. Can’t have you breaking the screen already, can we? We’ve curated a list of trending cases for you so you can pick what you love!

Glass iPhone 11 Cases

The new and stylish cases in India for phones, Glass cases come in 3 types – plain, holographic and designer. If you’re someone who loves colours, plain or holographic glass cases are perfect as your iPhone 11 back covers. Whether you like shades of blue or red, these cases will definitely remind you of the colourful things around you. Holographic cases, though in the same range of shades, give a prism effect so your phone shines in the sunlight! 

DailyObjects Plain Glass Case for iPhone 11
DailyObjects Fire Gradient Glass Case for iPhone 11 Pro
DailyObjects Holographic Case for iPhone 11
DailyObjects Dark Teal Holographic Glass Case for iPhone 11 Pro

Another phone case that is the latest market trend, designer iPhone 11 cases come in over 70 different designs. From coloured floral prints, stripes and checks, if you’re in love with geometrical shapes, you’ll love these too! If the idea of new designs interest you, there are cases you will definitely love. 

DailyObjects Designer Glass Case for iPhone 11
DailyObjects Banana Milkshake Blocks Glass Case for iPhone 11 Pro

Classic Clear Cases

Of course, the charm of Apple phones is the new glass back they came up with. You don’t really want to keep that hidden, do you? But does that mean you need to risk damaging it too? No, you don’t. Good things there are clear cases in the market that protect your phone and also let you flaunt the colour of your phone.

DailyObjects iPhone 11 Clear Case
DailyObjects Green & Red Classic Clear Case for iPhone 11 Pro

Leather Wallet iPhone 11 Cases

If you’re just looking for something to keep your phone in while you’re on-the-go, Leather Wallet Cases are the perfect choice. They come in designs that you’ll definitely love and a pocket to keep a little cash in. Easy wallet-cum-case, don’t you think?

DailyObjects Leather Wallet Case
DailyObjects Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 11 Pro