I want my art to speak for me: Shweta Joon

Hi I’m Shweta Joon, DailyObjects’ newest artist!

All this art is a story about me and my work; my expression of growth through all the obstacles, surprises, successes and failures. All the art here shows my skills and ideas to implement them, whether by hand, or digitally.


I am from Rohtak, a small city in Haryana. I love to live in Rohtak as it is quiet and not crowded like most metro cities like Bangalore and Delhi, where I stayed for more than 6 years.

I went to school in this city. After that I moved to Bangalore to study Textile Design at National Institute of Fashion Technology in Bangalore. I learned a lot of things while studying in NIFT. How to think differently, how to present your work, how to work with various software and techniques. In all, I learned how to evolve and improve myself and become a successful designer. I try to learn more and more from each and every phase of my life.


I was inspired by the TV show ‘Art Attack’, at the age of ten, though I developed an interest in art & design and enjoyed drawing since I was even younger. Since then, I have never stopped venturing into design. Even today, I never stop learning and questioning how design can help to improve our lives. The application of crafts has always been a part of my design. I am strong believer in experimental processes and that hard work reaps results.


I am a textile designer and as a designer I am a problem-solver at heart. I love to experiment with different mediums, software, colours and more, I love creating textures with different materials on papers and fabrics. Since I was in college I have loved to create textures.


In one of my projects in college, I had to create textures using different materials, related to a particular theme. While working on that assignment, wherever I would go, whatever materials I saw on my way between home and college, I started thinking about how I could incorporate those materials to create textures on paper. I learned that the best way to create good design is to observe everything around you.


My artwork includes subtle as well as bright colours. For some designs, I create handmade textures and then add further elements on to them in software. I don’t have a particular style to create artwork. I love to experiment with different mediums and ideas. This includes intricate Indian motifs as well as abstract designs. I use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator but I am always eager to learn and experiment with new software tools.


I also love to sleep and travel. To travel and to travel everywhere!

To know people and places and their stories, to be inspired and fascinated with all that is there on this earth! To see and be inspired, by the smallest details, like the walls of ancient forts. I want to live free and I want my art to speak for me! I love to create things which I’ve seen while travelling and things which make me happy. I love to create more and more designs!

At my day job I am not able to create what I like; I have to create to satisfy the design needs of the buyer. So I create these ideas which I like, at home, after work. These designs give me satisfaction and happiness. I am so glad I’ve have got this chance through DailyObjects to show my art to the world out there. Through this I can showcase my style, my ideas and my art!

I hope you like what you see here! You can see all my art at DailyObjects. Thank you for reading and I hope you buy and love my artwork!

Shweta Joon