How to Take a Great #dailyObjects Selfie

At DailyObjects, there’s nothing we love more than to see people send us selfies with their DailyObjects smartphone cases. It completely makes our day and it’s amazing to see all the cool people our cases end up with and all the incredible places they get taken to.

While a lot of people take absolutely amazing selfies, we realise some people could use a little help 🙂

So, we’ve listed some Do’s & Dont’s, a few basics here to help you take a really great mirror selfie. We’ve also illustrated what we mean with actual selfies from our super attractive customers. If you’re into MBA speak, think of these as selfie best practices 🙂

Let’s get started!

1. Clean your mirror!

This one can’t be stressed enough. It doesn’t matter if your outfit looks cute, your eyebrows are on fleek, you’re having a great hair day, your abs look ripped or those biceps look huge.

None of this matters if the mirror you took the selfie with, is dirty. A dirty mirror takes the focus away from everything else in the photograph and makes the viewer wonder what exactly all that stuff on the mirror is. We can’t tell you just how many great selfies we’ve received that have been spoilt by dirty mirrors.

So, step one of a great selfie: get some Colin, grab a newspaper, use some elbow grease and make that mirror SHIIINE!

Look at this completely spotless mirror that Divya took her selfie with.


2. Think beyond mirrors!

Don’t just stand in front of a mirror. Any reflective surface will do! Sunglasses, a store window, anywhere you can see your reflection; you can take a mirror selfie! Some of our most favourite selfies this year have been taken by people who have found a really interesting surface to take a selfie with.

Check out this amazing photograph from Msa. Instead of just taking a selfie in the rearview mirror of this motorbike, he’s had the brilliant idea of using the chromed back of the mirror. An added bonus is that he’s managed to get so much of that beautiful sky in the shot! What a great selfie!


3. Get out of the toilet/bathroom/wash closet!

Almost any place you can think of is better for a mirror selfie, than a bathroom. An elevator with a mirror, a changing room at a store, anywhere! If you have to take a selfie in the bathroom, at least tidy up a little, okay? Here, Tarun shows off his vintage camera case in an elevator.


4. Don’t cover your face!

You are not Batman. You don’t have a secret identity. Don’t be shy. Don’t cover your face. Show the world who you are. It’s that simple. This is Gaurav and he wants the world to know what he looks like.


5. No duck lips. Not even ironically.

No duck lips, no kissy faces. None of that. Stop it. It’s 2015. It doesn’t look cute and for the record, it never did, okay?

However, we DO love funny faces that make us laugh. Don’t be self conscious, make like you’re five years old and pull a face. If Kalki Koechlin can do it, so can you!


6. Don’t look at the phone.

This is a mistake a lot of people make. Sure, check the framing of the photograph on your phone but then look into the mirror when you take the actual photograph. Look directly into camera when you click the button. Like Vinayak does here. He’s actually a very happy customer, he just looks angry.


7. Smile!

This one goes without saying. This is not a passport photograph, you don’t need to keep a straight face. Light up your selfie with a smile!

Point 7

8. Get a friend.

Why do it alone? Get a friend to join in the fun, we love two smiling faces for the price of one. Like the two cases and two faces in this cute dual selfie from Vineeta.

point 8

9. Tag us!

We said this at the top of this post but we have to emphasize it once more. We absolutely LOVE seeing your selfies but there’s no way we can find them unless you tag them with…


So, follow these basic tips and keep those selfies coming! Everyone at DailyObjects looks forward to seeing them. We repost them, we print out all of them out and put them on a wall at our offices and at the end of the year we choose our favourites and post about them on this blog!