Hippie at Heart: The Bohemian Styling of Loujah.

LouJah is the artist behind some of the prettiest designer cases on dailyobjects.com. Most of her artwork is a combination of pencilled or penned lines with subdued, almost watercolour like palettes that appeal to people who like cases that are subtle yet classy.

The Bohemian styling of Loujah

A self-taught artist from Lyon in France, Loujah says she has loved drawing for as far as she can recall. While her cousins ran around in the garden behind her grandmother’s house, Loujah was upstairs in her favourite, intimate corner of the house, drawing and sketching away…

When she was 11, her school art teacher encouraged her to study art because he thought she had a lot of talent for her age. LouJah didn’t follow his advice however and at 15, she started working as a cook. Three years later, Loujah had her first child and it was only after she was a housewife with three children that she had a chance to put pen to paper and draw again.

She wound up selling her designs on an American website, which is where we found her artwork and asked her to work with us and share her lovely designs with Indian audiences.

Loujah had an equal passion for music as well and played the piano till she was 14. She still plays the guitar to this day, though with a family with three children and a cat, she says she hardly has enough time.
When she has a chance, Loujah still likes to pick up a guitar and sing ‘Siente me amor’ from the film Desperado.

One of Loujah’s more hippie-inspired dreams, is to travel the world in a van, playing her guitar. One of the first destinations, she says, would be India. Loujah finds India very beautiful and the difference in culture from France, very rewarding.

When asked about her inspirations, Loujah counts nature, animals and love as her chief stimuli. All three inspirations can be clearly seen in her cases.


When asked about her artwork Loujah says “Each drawing takes a lot of work and I put all of my heart into it. For me, every creation is a bit like my baby. I want to give people the best offer of escape and love. Share with them the Boho universe that inspires each of my creations.”

Step into LouJah’s Boho universe with dailyobjects at dailyobjects.com/loujah

If you can’t get enough of Loujah’s Boho style, visit her website at loujah.com, or follow her on facebook.com/loujahh