Hello World!

Welcome to our blog. We were going to call it dailyblog but that would mean waaay too much work for us so we came up with blog.dailyobjects.com. So original, don’t you think? 😀

We’re really excited to have a blog where we can talk about our artists and their designs. The dailyobjects team scours the internet looking for fresh new art from talented and upcoming designers around the world and every time we find someone new, we cant wait to share their work with our customers.

Most of the time, we like to let the art speak for itself, since it is always so great but sometimes we think that people may also be interested in hearing the story behind the art or may want to know more about the designers that share their fantastic creations with us.

Today, we’d like to blog about our latest find; Indian artist, Nikita Mehta Shah, who has designed dailyobjects’ first ever exclusive collection of designer cases, Letters from Paradise.

Letters from Paradise

Nikita is a graphic designer based out of Delhi. She studied graphic design at the University for the Creative Arts, London and has worked for agencies and design houses like RMG David, Umbrella Design and Santoro Graphics. Nikita currently runs her own company, called The Designery. She approached dailyobjects with the idea of a typography inspired collection of cases and once we saw her previous work we couldn’t wait to see what she would come up with for us!

Today we’re very excited and proud to make the Letters from Paradise collection available for sale at dailyobjects.com.

Letters from Paradise combines Nikita’s love for design & typography. In her signature style of Pop Geometry, Nikita has designed a collection of individually monogrammed cases, embellished and themed with birds of paradise in all their splendour.  This collection consists of 26 designer cases, one for each letter of the English alphabet, in a riot of eye-catching colours that are bound to make you the centre of attraction everywhere you go.

We love the collection and think it perfectly showcases Nikita’s distinctive style. Our smartphone cases perfectly frame her artwork, allowing you to enjoy her flamboyant designs and carry them around all the time.