Hashtag Collection – A Collection Meant For The Millennials

Now days every millennial’s life revolves around the use of hashtags. It’s become a common text lingo, it’s also a way for all of us to search for things we love on social media platforms. Imagine a world where you could also meet like-minded people through hashtags? What’s the best way to do that? We have come up with a special collection, an ode to the millennial life by introducing hashtags on phone cases. You want to be the next big influencer? You’re a wanderer who’s always looking for another adventure? Or are you a food lover who believes food always comes first? Well, Hashtag Collection is your way to let people know what you’re into and find out what other people love. Here’s a peak at the new collection that’s waiting for you. 


Are you someone who follows all the latest trends? We all know people who have read every fashion magazine and stalk every designer on the internet to know about their latest collections. We definitely know people whose social media is incomplete without using the hashtag fashionista. Well, if you’re that person or you know someone exactly like this, what are you waiting for? 

Hashtag Collection Fashionista
Fashionista Case for iPhone 11 Pro


This is for the fashion bloggers in all of you! Who said you can’t post your outfit of the day? And why not just let people know what your OOTD is through your phone case? You don’t even have to say anything, it’ll be that easy. 

Hashtag OOTD
OOTD Case for iPhone 11 Pro


We know you love watching cute little puppy videos on social media and every time a little doggo comes running, wagging his tail, you just fall in love. Most of your pictures on social media are with puppies and you just can’t do without the hashtag dog lover. Well here’s another place you can let the dog lover in you, out. 

Hashtag Collection Dog Lover
Dog Lover Case for iPhone 11 Pro


Yes, we remember all those cartoons from our younger days. No other cartoon or channel can ever replace those days and of course, the treats and trends of those days. Definitely brings some memories back, doesn’t it? This design is for all you 90’s kids to remember the days that aren’t going to come back. 

Hashtag Collection Dog Lover
90’s Kid Case for iPhone 11 Pro


A lot of us think of shopping as a therapy. Who said it isn’t? We love it too! And why not flaunt it with a phone case that says exactly that? 

Hashtag Shaopaholic
Shopaholic Case for iPhone 11 Pro