Get your sh*t together with DailyObjects Leather Cable Wraps!

If you’re anything at all like us, you carry around a ton of tech with you every single day. At the very least, a smartphone but probably a laptop as well. Maybe even a tablet or an e-reader, perhaps a portable hard disk or two, a smart-watch, the list could go on but you get our point. Personal tech is inescapable. We all live with it and lets be honest, we can’t do without it.


You know what we can do without though? Cables! @$%*ing cables!

Wires! Chords! Call them what you want, we’re sick of them. Even if all you’re carrying is a smartphone, that’s two separate cables that you have to carry with you everywhere you go: a charging cable and a pair of headphones. Add a laptop or tablet to the mix and the number of cables you’re schlepping around with you just multiplies and very soon it all gets out of hand.

We’ve tried fighting the onslaught and reducing the number of cables in our lives and in our bags. We tried bluetooth headphones; they sucked! Bluetooth audio in general, sounds terrible. We even tried wireless charging, we bought the Qi inductive charging base and the wireless charging compatible back cases for our phones but the charging was slow, our phones got incredibly hot and you still had to carry around the charging unit and its cables with you!


It’s a cliché because it’s true; necessity truly is the mother of invention. Since it doesn’t look like any of us is getting rid of cables anytime soon, we decided to do the next best thing and design a stylish discreet way of wrangling all the cables in our lives.

With all the back story and our rant about cables out of the way, we’re pleased to bring you the result of literally months of labour: DailyObjects Leather Cable Wraps. They’re discreet, they’re stylish and they’re made out of rich leather with quality brass fitting so they’re incredibly durable. They’re the perfect accessory to your smartphone cases and your Leather MacBook Sleeves, all from DailyObjects, of course…


We came up with five different designs and since each of them had its own advantages and someone on the team was completely convinced about every single one of them, we’ve decided to offer all of them for sale and let you choose what you think will work best for you.


Bonus! For those of you who don’t want to even look at cables at the bottom of your bag, even if they’re well organised, we’ve even designed a Leather Cable Wallet. If you’re male, you’ll have to be pretttty secure in your manhood to pull your headphones out of one of these, in a public setting but the choice, once again, is all yours.

All our Leather Cable Wraps and the Leather Cable Wallet come in a range of rich, earthy colours; our favourite is the teal but they all look really good. They’re priced so that you can buy a few of them to sort all your cable clutter out and if you lose them, you can just go out and buy more.


We’re really excited and can’t wait to see these in the hands of DailyObjects customers so check them out here, buy them, tell us what you think of them and of course, post your #DailyObjects selfies and photographs with them!