Get your Christmas gifts!

If you still haven’t bought your Christmas gifts yet, firstly, shame on you but secondly, how about gifting a little dailyhappiness (hint, hint)?? 😉
Okay, let’s admit it, most of us put off gift shopping till the very last minute and sometimes later than that even but as with most things, doing your Christmas gift shopping early feels really great. If you’re reading this though you probably haven’t gotten it done yet, so what are your options?

How about a DailyObject? Shameless plug here but hey, it’s our site and we really think our lineup of products make really great gifts. We’ve got a huge range of stylish designer goods and with our newer Handmade by DO brand, we have a lot of luxurious hand-crafted goods with real leather too!
So let’s start with our Designer Goods range. There are many reasons that they make great gifts. The most important one though is that there are literally thousands of options to choose from. We’ve got India’s largest art collection of its kind, something that we’re really proud of. What this means is that if you’re looking for a gift for someone, you are almost guaranteed to find something that is perfect for them, no matter what their personal taste or style. We’ve curated our designs into collections that make it easy to zero in on the perfect gift for whoever you are going to be playing Santa to this year!
The second reason is that we’ve got personal accessories and tech accessories that almost everyone needs these days. Everyone has a smartphone, well, almost everyone. Most people could use a very nice card wallet or a keychain. This is why all DailyObjects, not just our designer smartphone cases, make gifts that are practical but still incredibly stylish and dare we say it, delightful!
The third reason is that we’ve got something for women as well as men. We’ve handpicked designs that we think people will love whether they’re male or female. From bold, geometric designs to unapologetically feminine patterns and colours, we got them all and we’ve made them easy to find too!
To make the process of online Christmas gifting even easier this year, we’ve added the option of special Christmas themed gift wrapping, with festive red craft paper wrapping and beautiful gold ribbons!
For people who are looking for slightly more sober but still incredibly stylish gifts, we’ve got our gorgeous, handmade leather products! From felt and leather tote-bags to leather bound notebooks, eyewear cases and more, our Handmade by DO range is full of personal accessories that will last for ages and actually look and feel better the more you use them and wear them in.
If you’d rather not gift a personal accessory, we’ve got beautiful home decor items as well. Between our beautiful posters or framed wall art and our incredibly funky designer cushion covers, we’ve got you totally, ahem… covered. 😉
So, head on over to and get your gift shopping done. While you’re there, you may as well treat yourself too! It’s Christmas after all!