Flyer Bundle for the Travel Birdie

“Last night my boss told me to pack my bags, she wanted me to accompany her to the conference that she suddenly planned. And I had no choice.” Is this your story?

Once upon a time, some wise lady said, “We can’t change the situation we are drawn into but we can definitely change our reaction to it.”

Sudden travel plans?! Yes, we’ve all been there. So much to do in such a less time and once you’re done stuffing your utilities, finding them at the time of need is a story of another struggle.


Well, not anymore! Daily Objects bring you the latest addition of ‘Frequent Flyer Bundle.’ The bundle provides you the combo of ‘Passport wallet,’ ‘Cable Wrap’ and an ‘Elemental Pouch.’ Whether you are a traveler by blood or it is your job that forces you to travel, we have for you an organized and personalized Flyer Bundle.


At Daily Objects, you get a sophisticated variety of graphic designs to choose from. We aim at providing you merchandise that reflects your personality and style. From simple wit to quirky lines to startling glam, we got you all.



Being organized is a healthy habit, and while traveling it is a must. Having passport carefully held, your earphone neatly wrapped and toiletry at one place is the beginning and the end of most of the travel problems. At least then you can concentrate on the important stuff, like the motive of your travel? Duh!


With the Flyer Bundle, traveling becomes easy and with DailyObjects, the easy becomes an expression of your personality.

Grab the opportunity and order your Frequent Flyer Bundle right now! Because what you buy should express your style and attitude.