Five popular myths that our 21st century women are breaking!

“Better the balance, better the world”

Today is the 1st of March bringing out countdown closer to International  Women’s Day. We all know this day celebrates an acknowledgement of the value and strength our women carry for us. However, the question is how is it like to be a woman today in the 21st century? Exciting, yes, with all the opportunities coming to the world, but daunting at the same time. Daunting, because our women, regardless of everything renewed, are labelled similarly for an over-generalization. These labels are better termed “Myths”- the ones that blind identity. The four most popular among these estimations include the following sticky labels.

1. “Pink is their dearest”

Pink is a very pretty colour for sure but not always a favourite. Who remembers being teased in school for liking pink as a boy? Or, all the more disliking it as a girl? It seems like there are these strict standards of colours that one needs to follow for being a Woman. Black is the new pink! White is the new pink! Gray is the new pink! Women are flaunting it all. Breaking colour codes is a good habit, you know?

2. “Numbers and Chemicals are not their game”

So, you are taking humanities for sure? See dear, Science is too much and too useless for you. Been there, felt that? It is not too uncommon, especially in India, for families to have this in mind that female brains are too soft for numbers and chemicals. Anandibai Joshee, Ashima Chatterjee, Indira Hinduja, Aditi Pant, are only four current and old out of the many shining stars whose names are enough to answer this soft brain stereotype. Coffee-tinted books are better than coffee-tinted thoughts any day!

3. “They think with a blind heart”
It is very commonly believed that women cannot think straight. More like, they do not think correctly. It is so because, the assumption is – ‘women use their hearts to decide and not the brains’. We need to understand one thing here, practicality is anything that leads one to the best solution. When it comes to women, the sad part is we either see the medium and not the output. Or, the output and not the medium. And never, the two together!  But having this generalization stamped over all particularities, is that practical?

4. “Are you on your periods?”
Good knowledge would tell you- not 30 days a month. Every time a woman is a little moody, it is not necessarily because she is on her periods. And every time, she is on her periods, she is not necessarily moody. We need to think that straight. Also, cramps are not drama. It is pain. And, they are growing through it.

5. “Working Women do not raise a happy family”

So, the thought is, ambition is harmful to a woman. A woman is supposed to be at home, taking care of kids, growing a kitchen garden. Yes, she is supposed to be at home, she needs that. She is also supposed to take care of her kids and grow a garden for a hobby. But this does not mean a compromise on her dreams. She is no different. She is supposed to live her dreams. Also, when a woman is working for her dreams, a ‘family’ is always happy about it.

The idea of a myth is nothing but an excuse to be lazy. It lets society ignore individuality, in other words, help simplify what could have been better. However, our women are on the run, being zealous, breaking barriers. Cheers to that!