Distressed, Faded, Crumpled: The Graphic Art of Nicklas Gustafsson

Dailyobjects recently launched an awesome line of Tough Cases and a quite few us got ourselves one of these new cases. What artwork did most of us choose for our new cases??

The graphic art of Nicklas Gustafsson

The obvious choice was the cool, distressed artwork of Swedish graphic designer Nicklas Gustafsson, better known as NG Design. His beautiful artwork featuring distressed wood, crackled paint, crumpled paper and colours that have run, are a perfect match for our Tough Cases. It makes them look like they have gone though a lot of rough treatment while keeping our phones safe.

beautiful artwork featuring distressed wood

Nicklas says he is primarily an illustrator and a graphic designer, who has only just developed an interest in photography. He hopes to develop his photography skills further but we think he is already quite brilliant.

Photography equipment geeks would love to know what gear he uses and Nicklaus has given us a complete rundown on the tools of his trade and his workflow for creating the artwork we all love.

His main shooter is a tiny Canon Powershot S95 that he carries everywhere. For underwater and surf photography that results in the gorgeous photos like the ones below, he uses the Silver Edition of the popular GoPro 4 camera. He also has a Canon EOS 600D for what he calls ‘serious photography’.

surf photography

Once he is back in his studio, Nicklas works on his photographs with Adobe’s Lightroom and Photoshop packages. He isn’t all about the software though. Nicklaus says he still uses and loves pen and paper as nothing can match the kind of creative freedom these analog tools offer. He says if he had to choose just two post processing tools to work with, Photoshop and a pen would be it.

As for what fires up his imagination, Nicklas counts nature, animals, and amusing pop culture references from when he was growing up, as his chief influences. Try and spot the 90’s influences in the cases below 😉
amusing pop culture

Fans of one of NIcklas’ more popular designs, the Beers of the World case, might wonder what his favourite beers are and once again, Nicklas gives us the lowdown. His brand of choice changes with the seasons. In the cold Swedish winter, he likes thick beers like Guinness or BrewDogs Punk Indian Pale Ale. In the summer, Nicklas enjoys lighter brews like Heineken or San Miguel.

Beers Of The World Tough Case

The story of how Nicklas became a professional graphic designer is really interesting as well. Nicklas used to work as a firefighter in Stockholm, he then ran his own construction business; both of which were extremely demanding tasks physical and mentally, he says. He started out creating art purely as a means of relaxing and letting his mind wander but he was good enough that he was able to make money from it. Then, a couple of years ago, he injured his shoulder and required surgery. Since he could no longer do the kind of physically intensive work he was before, Nicklas decided to start working as a graphic designer full time, trading years of working two jobs to concentrate on what he really enjoyed.

Soon enough, Nicklas started selling his artwork online in the United States. The dailyobjects team found him and said we’d love to bring his artwork to India and here he is! One of our most popular artists and a personal favourite of many on the dailyobjects team.

You can see all of NG Design’s eclectic artwork at dailyobjects.com here. You can also follow him on Facebook or Twitter.