DailyObjects reciting the Backpack Saga

DailyObjects reciting the Backpack Saga

Catching up with the Summer of 20’Eighteen, DailyObjects is here with a super cool Designer Backpack Collection!

Let’s go down the memory lane with a backpack full of memories.

The long-lasting affair started with that first look at colorful random patches on the tiniest bag available in the shopping complex. New life in University brought more backpacks in life and the family grew in number as we bought a lot of backpacks, some for comfort, some for traveling and others for designs.

DailyObjects is keen on making you go through the rush of nostalgia with its new backpack collection. The modern backpack collection is designed like our general approach to ordinary daily life. Unlike the old school traditional backpacks, we have licensed artwork on durable material that gives your backpack a long fashionable life.


Polka Fashion

Some wise lady once said, “Polka dots came, but never left.” True, it is. We have captured a variety of polkas in an astonishing way.


Floral Spring

The women tribe brings along flowers and the fragrance to each occasion they step into. Ain’t this true? If not, our designer floral backpack collection will make it true. What say, ladies?


Travelled Trail

Travel when you’re low, travel when you are excited, travel when things go out of control, travel when everything goes perfect. Ain’t this the traveling mantra? We understand that travel is a verb, it needs to be performed in order to be expressed. So that’s what we did! We bring the travel tribe backpacks that say their passion out, for them. Well! You’re Welcome.


Protective Eyes

Then there are eyes that seek a deeper meaning in the things surrounding them. This artwork says a lot about them.

Summer is here and so is DailyObjects with space convenient backpacks which will make your On-the-Go city life comfortable and organized. Summer means carrying extra; water bottle, juice packs, sunscreen, body spray, a pack of tissues, eye-wear and what not. We have another reason to be organized this summer; first being the spacious backpack itself.

None of us can do without a backpack as we have grown comfortable and used to its presence on our back.

The backpack has been our first ever friend we found. We still remember holding it tight while entering school gate for the first time. Back then, we probably feared to lose the very first companion but now we walk together arm in arm, in a comfortable silence.

The Newest collection of City Compact backpack is perfect for the On-the-Go city dwellers who are always prepared for “Come what may.”