Cat Lovin’, Vespa Ridin’, Filo Firman!

Helllos! How’s the oh-one-six treating you so far? Pretty well? Not too badly? Mehh?

We’ve haven’t posted in a while because we’ve been busy looking for new artists for DailyObjects and here’s a little secret, just between you and us; we’ve found some great new artists and some amazing new art that is going to make everyone lose their mind!

Let’s start with our first new artist. We just signed him up a few days back and have been rushing to get his designs up on


Say hello to Filo Firmansyah from Yogyakarta, Indonesia! Ladies, please stay calm.

Even though all or most of Filo’s designs are beautiful artworks based on words and quotes, English isn’t really his first language so this post is going to be short and then you can just look at all the pretty pictures.


The first thing you should know about Filo is that he is (and we quote) ‘cat people’. Other things he loves, besides furry felines, are watermelon and ice-cream. Don’t ask us why, he just wanted you to know this about him.

He also said that if you ever happen to visit his home town of Yogyakarta, you’ll see him in jeans and sneakers, whizzing about on his little Vespa scooter. He says he loves meeting new people and hearing and sharing about their lives, so if you recognise him, say hi.


When he isn’t driving around with his cap on backwards, Filo works as a freelancer for many Indonesian companies. He assures us that he studied advertising in college and we’re taking his word for it.


About his pretty designs, Filo says he either creates the typography by hand or using a Wacom tablet. He then finishes the work digitally in Adobe’s suite of overpriced software. Inspirations for his designs, he says, come to him while he is travelling. By this, we assume he’s daydreaming on that Vespa of his.


Filo says he’s never visited India but is super thrilled that his work is going to be seen in this country.

You can find all of Filo’s designs at the DailyObjects website at You can also follow him on Instagram, he’s @filofirman

To finish though, we’ll leave you with this truly #epic quote from Filo, which may simultaneously be the funniest and the deepest thing we’ve heard in a long time.