DailyObjects’ 10 favourite cases for Valentine’s day 2016.

Hello boys and girls, it’s that time of the year again. That’s right, Valentine’s Day is coming.

First up, if you’re single and happy, good for you! Take your fine self out to dinner & a movie and throw popcorn at the couples having waaay too much fun in the cinema hall.

If you’re single and unhappy, well…you have our sympathies. Plenty of fish in the sea, lid for every pot etc etc, you know the deal. Lie in bed, binge on Netflix and ice cream: Chocolate Chip and Tears flavour. That’s our plan anyways…

However, if you do have a #bae and would like to stay that way it’s time to get your act together and plan what you are going to do this Valentine’s Day. Now we both know that you normally put planning for V-Day off till the very last minute and then run around like your hair’s on fire the night before.

So, lets make a change this year. Take our hand and we’ll help you through this. First up, lets start with you. Yes, the guys/dudes/gentlemens/bros/men, however it is you refer to yourself. Lord knows you need help and we’re going to help you with a great gift that is going to make that special lady in your life think you actually put some thought into V-Day this year.

And no, your gifts of chocolates and flowers are not cool at all. It’s 2016 and that is some serious #weaksauce. So, unless you want to end up single and making out with your elbow, go through the list of our five favourite cases for her and pick something nice, okay? If you don’t like any of these, don’t let it stop you from going to DailyObjects.com and picking out something special yourself, or you could even make her a custom case using photos of the two of you together. A personal, one-of-a-kind, thoughtful gift like that pretty much guarantees that you will end up having some fun, adult times on V-Day, if you know what we mean 😉


However, if you want to go the prêt à l’emploi route, (that’s ready-to-use in French) look no further…

Cases for Her


We’re huge believers in the KISS philosophy (Keep It Simple, Stupid) which is why this Hello Love case is the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. It may be a bit boring for some but it covers all the basics and gets the message across.
Job Done.


If you can’t write pretty prose or moving poetry, you can gift her this aww-inspiring Be Mine case for Valentine’s Day. This one’s a great way to ask a girl out if you get a little tongue-tied.


Who doesn’t love a girl with a great sense of humour? Not us for sure. If she makes you laugh, gift her this Typo Giggle case and she’s guaranteed to smile every time she looks at it.


If, through some miracle, you’ve found a girl that actually appreciates your silly puns and your weird sense of humour, gift her this Perfect Match case. Also, hold on to her forever!


Too shy to ask her out this Valentine’s Day? Drop a huge hint by gifting her the She Who Dares Wins case and get her to ask you out. It’s like the jiujitsu move of dating!

Ladies, we’ve got you covered as well. We know you put more thought into things like gifts but if you’ve been thinking about what to get him this V-Day and coming up empty, here’s a few ideas to kick-start your imagination.

Cases for Him


This Stupid Face case is just too adorable and is perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Bonus: If he isn’t confident enough in his sexuality to rock a case with little pink flowers on it, you can use and enjoy this case! #WINWIN, or something…(maybe london escorts)


This Awesome Typo case is another strong contestant for Most Heartwarming Case Ever. Gift it to him this Valentine’s Day, for an endless supply of hugs.


If he’s a huge Star Wars fan, first of all, #sympathies. It could be worse. He could be into Harry Potter or even My Little Pony #puke

So, humour his obsession, gift him this May The Fork Be With You case this Valentine’s Day and tell him he’s lucky to have you.


Flatter his ego and make him purr like a kitty cat, with this Get The Party Started case, this Valentine’s Day.


If your man is a bit of a hipster, gift him this Bolsey Vintage Camera case that makes your phone look like a camera (duh). Hipsters LOVE vintage cameras and old-timey stuff.



If you really want to treat your SO this Valentine’s Day, get them one of our luxurious MacBook sleeves. They are handmade with leather and suede and artisanal German canvas and great love & care. Like anything made with real leather, our designer sleeves only get better and better, the older they get, kind of like a great relationship! (Okay that was terrible. We’ll show ourselves out.)

Have a great Valentine’s Day!