Cooler Than Your Mom: Micklyn Le Feuvre

From absolutely gorgeous, classically elegant patterns to cute, messy ballpoint doodles, some of our most favourite designs at dailyobjects, come from South African artist and mother of ten, Micklyn Le Feuvre.

Micklyn Le Feuvre

No joke, Micklyn’s oldest is 21 and her youngest is 3 and they have eight more little Le Feuvres between them. Micklyn is still homeschooling six of them but she says her kids are extremely smart and teach each other as well as her. So, she has time for her art which she works on alongside them as they study. Micklyn says she wanted to be an artist ever since she was three years old and she can’t be more thrilled with how her life has turned out.
Micklyn favourite designs

In addition to ten children, Micklyn also has two cats, George and Hartford. She loves their beautiful, elegant shapes, the way the move and even the way they sleep. George and Hartford were the inspiration for our ever popular How To Chill Like A Cat case.
How To Chill Like A Cat case

She even sent us a few photographs of her cats. Here’s George, looking very dapper


and here’s Hartford, just chilling.


It’s lovely to read Mickyln’s descriptions about her inspirations and about how she creates art so
we are going to just quote her.

“I’m hugely inspired by nature; walking in the garden almost always gives me new ideas. I love vintage patterns and Art Nouveau designs and wallpapers and I’m also very inspired by colour, how different colours interact and create different moods and energy. I almost always start by creating my designs with either traditional media (pencils, watercolours, ink or paint) or using photographs that I’ve taken myself as a starting point. Once I have worked on paper or canvas, I will scan or photograph my work and continue in Photoshop. My favourite part is playing with the colours of the design, something I save for the end of my process. I often do several versions of a work and then call all my children to help me decide which one (or two) are best.”

DailyObjects Sunflowers Forever A Painted Pattern

Mickyln also confesses to being a compulsive doodler, if there is ever a pen and paper within reach she can’t help herself. The result is one of our favourite deigns; the Ballpoint Doodles case. Micklyn says she actually started doodling on a piece of paper and then scanned it into Photoshop and played with the colours. The results, as you can see, are amazing.

DailyObjects Love Ballpoint Doodles Case

It was on the recommendation of two other dailyobjects artists, Nicklas and Monika, that Micklyn decided to partner with dailyobjects to offer her art in India. Though she has never visited, Micklyn is a huge fan of novels set here, the last one she read was Amitav Ghosh’s ‘The Hungry Tide’. She hopes to visit India very soon rather than just read about it.

Micklyn’s current favourite style is Shabby Chic, which she describes thus “I think of gently worn, soft fabrics from years ago, pretty patterned china cups that have been loved and used and treasured over the years. I think of peeling paint in pastel colours on old and charming wooden chairs. And picnics in the garden on printed floral rugs, with cucumber sandwiches, pink cupcakes and lemonade.”

We can’t wait to see what Micklyn comes up with next!

To see all of Micklyn’s gorgeous artwork, you can visit her artist page at To keep up with her latest artwork and updates, you can follow her on Twitter or Facebook.